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by Pat Holden


Paul Carty is 19, and bored out of his mind. His mother died a year ago. He lives in middle class suburbia with his silently grieving father and feisty young sister, Molly. Carty works as a junior civil servant and spends all his wages on clubs, records, football and gigs. It's at a Bunnymen gig that he meets Elvis. Elvis changes everything.

international title: Awaydays
original title: Awaydays
country: United Kingdom
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Pat Holden
release date: 104'
screenplay: Kevin Sampson
cast: Stephen Graham, Nicky Bell, Liam Boyle, Oliver Lee, Lee Battle, Sean Ward, Michael Ryan
cinematography by: Curtes Lee Mitchell
film editing: Mark Elliott
art director: Mark Tanner
music: David A. Hughes
producer: David A. Hughes
production: Red Union Films, Away Days Films
distributor: StudioCanal



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