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di Jesús Del Cerro


A Christmas movie about Ema, a child who still believes that dreams can come true. Ema lives in an orphanage run by Ioana, a bitter woman who doesn't like children. One day, while the girl is playing in the orphanage's courtyard with her friends, she finds a lottery ticket. The good news is that she won the jackpot but unfortunately only an adult can claim the prize and the deadline expires in one week. Since she can't trust anybody, Ema decides to escape from the orphanage, find the ideal family to adopt her and cash out the cheque. Her friends and Vlad, a police officer, help her with this adventure. This is when Ema realizes the true meaning of family and friendship.

titolo internazionale: Ho Ho Ho 2: Family Lottery
titolo originale: Ho Ho Ho 2: O loterie de familie
paese: Romania
anno: 2012
genere: fiction
regia: Jesús Del Cerro
data di uscita: RO 23/11/2012
cast: Andreea Banica, Patricia Poslusnic, Dragos Bucur, Dana Rogoz, Gheorghe Visu, Mirela Oprisor
fotografia: Viorel Sergovici
montaggio: Ovidiu Vacaru
costumi: Enescu Luiza
musica: Juan Carlos Cuello
produttore: Alma Bacula
produzione: MediaPro Pictures
distributori: MediaPro Distribution

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