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by Gaspar Noé


Oscar and his sister Linda are recent arrivals in Tokyo. Oscar's a small time drug dealer, and Linda works as a nightclub stripper. One night, Oscar is caught up in a police bust and shot. As he lies dying, his spirit, faithful to the promise he made his sister ­ that he would never abandon her - refuses to abandon the world of the living. It wanders through the city, his visions growing evermore distorted, evermore nightmarish. Past, present and future merge in a hallucinatory maelstrom.

international title: Enter the Void
original title: Soudain le vide
country: France, Germany, Italy
sales agent: Wild Bunch
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Gaspar Noé
film run: 150'
release date: FI 09/04/2010, FR 05/05/2010, CZ 06/05/2010, NL 23/09/2010, SE 15/07/2011, IT 09/12/2011
screenplay: Gaspar Noé
cast: Nathaniel Brown, Paz de la Huerta, Cyril Roy, Emily Alyn Lind, Jesse Kuhn, Masato Tanno, Olly Alexander, Sara Stockbridge
cinematography by: Benoît Debie
film editing: Marc Boucrot, Gaspar Noé
art director: Jean Carriere, Kikuo Ohta, Marc Caro
music: Thomas Bangalter
producer: Olivier Delbosc, Vincent Maraval, Gaspar Noé, Marc Missonnier
production: Fidélité Films, Wild Bunch Production, Les Films de la Zone, Essential Filmproduktion, BIM, Buf Compagnie (FR)
distributor: Wild Bunch Distribution, Film Distribution Artcam, September Film Distribution, Bim Distribuzione, Magyarhangya, Njutafilms


main awards/selection

Cannes 2009Official Selection
Toronto International Film Festival 2009
Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya 2009
BFI London Film Festival 2009
Stockholm International Film Festival 2009
Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2009
Sundance Film Festival 2010
The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 2010
South by Southwest Film Festival 2010
Festival du Film Français au Japon 2010
Hong Kong International Film Festival 2010
Febiofest International Film Festival 2010
Istanbul Film Festival 2010
EKEK Sika säkissä Film Festival 2010
Danger After Dark Film Festival) (USA) 2010
ERA New Horizons Film Festival 2010
Melbourne International Film Festival 2010
Berlin Fantasy Filmfest 2010
Sydney Underground Film Festival 2010

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