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by Sam Garbarski


Maggy is 47 years old and leads a quiet life in the London suburbs. She's widowed and the mother of an only son. When her grandson Ollie is diagnosed with a rare disease, he has to undergo an emergency bone marrow transplant. Driven to the wall, Maggie sees no other possibility than to take a job in a place called Sexy World. Her boss Mickey shows immediately a great deal of inter¬est in her.

original title: Irina Palm
country: Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Luxembourg
sales agent: Pyramide International
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Sam Garbarski
release date: BE 18/04/2007, FR 09/05/2007, DE 14/06/2007
screenplay: Martin Herron, Philippe Blasband
cast: Marianne Faithfull, Miki Manojlović, Kevin Bishop, Siobhán Hewlett, Dorka Gryllus, Jenny Agutter
cinematography by: Christophe Beaucarne
art director: Véronique Sacrez
costumes designer: Anushia Nieradzikb
music: Ghinzu
producer: Sébastien Delloye, Diana Elbaum, Jani Thiltges, Claude Waringo, Christine Alderson, Thanassis Karathanos, Karl Baumgartner
production: Entre Chien et Loup, Pallas Film GmbH, Samsa Film, Liaison cinématographique, Ipso Facto Films, Canal+
backing: Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de la Communauté française de Belgique et les Teledistributeurs wallons, Ateliers de Baere, R.T.B.F., Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, Film Fund Luxembourg, Filmförderungsanstalt, Wallimage, Eurimages, MEDIA
distributor: Paradiso Entertainment BV, Pyramide Distribution, Teodora Film, Golem Distribución, X Verleih, Sandrew Metronome, Budapest Film, Gutek Films, Rosebud Motion Pictures Enterprises, Filmcoopi, Hollywood Classic Entertainment, Vadi Van Kris, Transilvania Film


main awards/selection

Berlinale 2007 Official Competition

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