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by Detlev Buck


Fifteen-year-old Michael Polischka is thrown into a gritty urban world when his mother breaks up with her rich doctor boyfriend. With little money of her own, Miriam is forced to move them into a dumpy apartment in a rough ethnic neighbourhood, far from the posh suburbs they had grown accustomed to. Beatings and extortion by a gang of violent bullies makes public high school miserable for Michael. A chance meeting with urban crime lord Hamal and his henchman Barut end up turning Michael’s life around.

international title: Tough Enough
original title: Knallhart
country: Germany
sales agent: The Match Factory
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Detlev Buck
film run: 98'
release date: DE 09/03/2006, AT 17/03/2006, IT 14/07/2006, HU 12/10/2006, LV 27/10/2006, BE 15/11/2006, NO 24/11/2006, DK 05/01/2007, EE 26/01/2007, FR 28/03/2007, CZ 29/03/2007
screenplay: Zoran Drvenkar, Gregor Tessnow
cast: Jenny Elvers-Elbertzhagen, Jan Henrik Stahlberg, Erhan Emre, David Kross, Oktay Özdemir, Kida Khodr Ramadan
cinematography by: Kolja Brandt
film editing: Dirk Grau
costumes designer: Jale Kustaloglu
music: Bert Wrede
producer: Claus Boje
production: Boje Buck Produktion, WDR Westdeutscher Rundfunk, ARTE France
backing: MEDIA Plus
distributor: Delphi Film Verleih, Big Bang Communication (BG), Palace Cinema (CZ), As Tallinfilm (EE), Civite Films (ES), Digital Cinema Matila & Röhr Oy (FI), Budapest Films (HU), Teodora (IT), Sia "Acme Film" (LV), AS Fidalgo (NO), Kino swiatt (PL), Cinemania Group (SI), Jour2Fête (FR)


main awards/selection

Deutscher Filmpreis (Lolas), 2006Silver Lola for Best Film, Best Editing, Best Film Score
Berlinale 2006Panorama (selection), FIPRESCI Award, Label Europa Cinemas

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