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by Péter Tímár


A national commercial TV channel launches a talent competition. One of the contestants, the talented Kati Ormos, grew up in a youth custody center. When she gets into the finale stage of the contest, she supposes she needs a singing teacher who would prepare her. She finds Rezső, a formerly famous singer-composer. The grumpy teacher, however, wouldn’t hear of supporting the girl.

international title: Casting
original title: Casting
country: Hungary
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Péter Tímár
release date: HU 10/01/2008
screenplay: Péter Tímár
cast: Ibolya Oláh, András Kern
cinematography by: Sándor Csukás
art director: Mara Bozóki
costumes designer: Gabriella Parádi
music: Gábor Závody
producer: Gábor Losonczi
production: Hungáriafilm Kft.

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