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Anchor and Hope

Anchor and Hope

by Carlos Marques-Marcet

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Anchor and Hope: More than just friends


Anchor and Hope: More than just friends

The second film helmed by Carlos Marques-Marcet homes in on the paradoxes, ambiguity and clashes inherent in romantic relationships, setting the action on a boat chugging along London’s canals 

“How do we build an ‘us’ in today’s world?”

Interview: Carlos Marques-Marcet • Director

“How do we build an ‘us’ in today’s world?”

Anchor and Hope has opened the 14th Seville Film Festival: it is the second film by Spaniard Carlos Marques-Marcet, who garnered huge acclaim with his feature debut, Long Distance 

Trailer [en st es]


Trailer [en st es]


international title: Anchor and Hope
original title: Tierra firme
country: Spain, United Kingdom
sales agent: Visit Films
year: 2017
directed by: Carlos Marques-Marcet
screenplay: Carlos Marques-Marcet, Jules Nurrish
cast: Kimberly J. Forbes, Rogers Leona, Becky Bullman, Taya De La Cruz, Laraine Dix, Peyton Jowers, Faith Edwards, Meghan Treadway, Philip Arditti, David Verdaguer

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