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by Francesca Comencini

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In this film focus

A cruel corporate world

Review: Mi piace lavorare

A cruel corporate world

Neons, impersonal corridors, open spaces where dark-suited men and women, keep criss-crossing one another all day long : welcome in the new Century's harsh corporate world, Francesca Comencini style 

Solidarity and commitment

Interview: Francesca Comencini • Director

Solidarity and commitment

The Italian director met us in Paris, while her film, I Like Working was about to be released first in France, and then in Belgium 

No heavy devices, just simplicity

Interview: Luca Bigazzi • Cinematographer

No heavy devices, just simplicity

The famous cinematographer talks about the shooting of I like Working and its documentary aspects 

Acadra Distribution

Interview: Pierre Todeschini • Distributor

Acadra Distribution

The point of view of the French distributor of I Like Working, the head of Acadra Distribution and also the general manager of the Italian Film Festival in Annecy 


international title: I Like to Work (Mobbing)
original title: Mi piace lavorare
country: Italy
sales agent: Les Films du Losange
year: 2004
directed by: Francesca Comencini
screenplay: Francesca Comencini, Assunta Cestaro, Daniele Ranieri
cast: Nicoletta Braschi, Camille Duguay Comencini, Rose Matteucci

main awards/selection

Berlinale, 2004Panorama: Ecumenical Prize
21st Annecy Italian Film Festival (FR), 2004Sergio Leone Prize

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