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Flashbacks of A Fool

Flashbacks of A Fool

by Baillie Walsh

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In this film focus

Remembrance of things past

Review: Flashbacks of a Fool

Remembrance of things past

A fierce Daniel Craig searches for redemption in this sentimental and nostalgic debut feature by a director known for his music videos and documentaries 

"One big adrenaline rush"

Interview: Baillie Walsh • Director

"One big adrenaline rush"

From Massive Attack and Oasis to a film that transports us back to the 1970s: The hectic career of a director who is both experienced and fresh 

"We closed the financing two months after the shooting!"

Interview: Damon Bryant • Producer

"We closed the financing two months after the shooting!"

Six years in getting off the ground, with funding hard to find and a lead actor who had become a star: The multiple adventures of a film project and its eclectic producer 





international title: Flashbacks of a Fool
original title: Flashbacks of a Fool
country: United Kingdom
sales agent: Arclight Films
year: 2007
directed by: Baillie Walsh
screenplay: Baillie Walsh
cast: Daniel Craig, Harry Eden, Eve, Miriam Karlin, Jodhi May, Helen McCrory

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