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Minor Freedoms

Minor Freedoms

by Costas Zapas

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In this film focus

Wild animals in a modern society’s cage

Review: Minor Freedoms

Wild animals in a modern society’s cage

Based on the narrative structure of a Greek tragedy, Minor Freedoms gradually unfolds its power through raw scenes, resonating performances and an imposing atmosphere 

“The circumvention of moral laws”

Interview: Costas Zapas • Director

“The circumvention of moral laws”

Costas Zapas gained international acclaim with Uncut Family (2004) and The Last Porn Movie (2006). With Minor Freedoms his trilogy on the family is complete 

“A Greek exception”

Interview: Gregory Athanasiou • Producer

“A Greek exception”

Producer Gregory Athanasiou is an important figure in the Greek film industry, who has significantly contributed to strengthening innovative cinema 


international title: Minor Freedoms
original title: Mikres Eleftheries
country: Greece
year: 2008
directed by: Costas Zapas
screenplay: Costas Zapas
cast: Andonis Papadopulos, Marlen Saites, Alexandros Toundas

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