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by Benoît Delépine, Gustave Kervern

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Capitalism in the firing line

Review: Louise-Michel

Capitalism in the firing line

Black humour and the chaotic pursuit of a thuggish boss by a pair of French directors whose work is a desperate and harsh denouncement of the destructive impact of globalisation 

"Appalled by injustice"

Interview: Benoît Delépine and
Gustave Kervern • Directors

"Appalled by injustice"

Interview with a pair of iconoclastic filmmakers who humorously combine burning anarchy and cool self-mockery in their unusual cinematic adventures 

The project’s artistic coherence

Interview: Benoît Jaubert • Producer

The project’s artistic coherence

Having produced Avida, MNP Entreprise and producing duo Benoît Jaubert and Mathieu Kassovitz didn’t hesitate to back another film by Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern 





international title: Louise-Michel
original title: Louise-Michel
country: France
sales agent: Funny Balloons
year: 2007
directed by: Gustave Kervern, Benoît Delépine
screenplay: Gustave Kervern, Benoît Delépine
cast: Yolande Moreau, Bouli Lanners, Benoît Poelvoorde, Albert Dupontel, Francis Kuntz, Hervé Desinge

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