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A Country Teacher

A Country Teacher

by Bohdan Slama

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A story set in a land beyond happiness

Review: A Country Teacher

A story set in a land beyond happiness

With A Country Teacher, Czech auteur Bohdan Slama again presents his unique and challenging vision of a world in which happiness is not always what we expect 

“The search for love”

Interview: Bohdan Slama • Director

“The search for love”

Czech auteur Bohdan Slama shares his thoughts behind the story of A Country Teacher and his view of contemporary Czech cinema, and reveals the subject of his next film 





international title: The Country Teacher
original title: Venkovský učitel
country: Czech Republic, Germany, France
sales agent: Wild Bunch
year: 2008
directed by: Bohdan Sláma
screenplay: Bohdan Sláma
cast: Pavel Liška, Zuzana Bydžovská, Ladislav Sedivý, Marek Daniel, Tereza Voříšková, Zuzana Kronerová, Miroslav Krobot

main awards/selection

Venice 2008Venice Days - Giornate degli Autori

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