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by Jessica Hausner

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Waiting for a miracle

Review: Lourdes

Waiting for a miracle

With a measured approach and secular curiosity, the Austrian director tackles one of the major themes of Catholic orthodoxy, the miracle, through a young paraplegic’s "journey of hope" 

A shocking Lourdes, between the sacred and the irreverent

Interview: Jessica Hausner • Director

A shocking Lourdes, between the sacred and the irreverent

Cineuropa met with a filmmaker whose latest film reflects the ambiguity of the faith in miracles 





international title: Lourdes
original title: Lourdes
country: Austria, France, Germany
sales agent: Coproduction Office
year: 2009
directed by: Jessica Hausner
screenplay: Jessica Hausner
cast: Sylvie Testud, Léa Seydoux, Bruno Todeschini, Gilette Barbier, Gerhard Liebmann, Irma Wagner, Jackie Wulf

main awards/selection

Venezia 2009In Competition, FIPRESCI Award

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