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Desperados on the Block

Desperados on the Block

by Tomasz Emil Rudzik

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In this film focus

Lonely foreigners in Munich

Review: Desperados on the Block

Lonely foreigners in Munich

A 19-story building in Munich housing 2,500 students from the world over serves as a microcosm for thousands of lonely lives whose paths cross every day in Europe's cities 

A lift full of stories

Interview: Tomasz Emil Rudzik • Director

A lift full of stories

Interview with a director who was born in Poland, lives and works in Germany, and has won multiple awards for his debut feature 





original title: Desperados on the Block
country: Germany
year: 2009
directed by: Tomasz Emil Rudzik
cast: Juli Alexandrov, Sonja Beck, Paul Bintz, Jonas Buchsein, Qi-Min Fei, Angelika Fink, Cora Friebl

main awards/selection

Cineuropa Prize 2010 at the European Film Festival of Lecce

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