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The Enemy

The Enemy

by Dejan Zečević

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Supernatural war story mixes genre and arthouse

Review: The Enemy

Supernatural war story mixes genre and arthouse

A group of soldiers in the grip of strange phenomena in the immediate aftermath of the Bosnian war. An intellectually stimulating film full of shudders and suspense. 

Deconstructing genre

Interview: Dejan Zečević • Director

Deconstructing genre

After a docu-fiction, a horror film, a comedy and a thriller, the Serbian director has decided to mix genres in a movie about the Bosnian war: The Enemy. 





international title: The Enemy
original title: Neprijatelj
country: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary
sales agent: Insomnia World Sales
year: 2011
directed by: Dejan Zečević
screenplay: Dorde Milosavljevic
cast: Aleksandar Stojković, Vuk Kostic, Tihomir Stanic, Marija Pikic

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