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Adalbert's Dream

Adalbert's Dream

by Gabriel Achim

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Layers of reality

Review: Adalbert's Dream

Layers of reality

Gabriel Achim’s debut feature film is a multilayered satire, set in Ceausescu’s time. Largely shot on VHS, it deals with perception of reality on several levels. 

Satire transcends history

Interview: Gabriel Achim • Director

Satire transcends history

The director/writer/producer talks about his debut feature Adalbert’s Dream and how Romanian history looks from today’s perspective. 

Trailer [st en]


Trailer [st en]


international title: Adalbert's Dream
original title: Visul lui Adalbert
country: Romania
year: 2011
directed by: Gabriel Achim
screenplay: Gabriel Achim, Cosmin Manolache
cast: Gabriel Spahiu, Doru Ana, Ozana Oancea, Mimi Brănescu, Anca Androne, Paul Ipate, Alina Berzunteanu

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