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Blind Spot

Blind Spot

by Christophe Wagner

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A film noir with a realistic edge

Review: Blind Spot

A film noir with a realistic edge

Murder, investigation, and well-hidden secrets. A dive into the dark side of Luxembourg in a powerful and very realistic film noir. 

“Manipulate audiences for their own good”

Interview: Christophe Wagner • Director

“Manipulate audiences for their own good”

After the documentary Luxembourg, USA, filmmaker and scriptwriter Christophe Wagner has made his first narrative feature, film noir Blind Spot 

Trailer [st fr]


Trailer [st fr]


international title: Angle mort
original title: Doudege Wénkel
country: Luxembourg, Belgium
year: 2012
directed by: Christophe Wagner
screenplay: Frédéric Zeimet
cast: André Jung, Jules Werner, Brigitte Urhauser, Gilles Soeder, Nicole Max, Luc Feit, Mickey Hardt, Patrick Descamps

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