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Peace to Us in Our Dreams

Peace to Us in Our Dreams

by Sharunas Bartas

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Peace to Us in Our Dreams: A solitary trio


Peace to Us in Our Dreams: A solitary trio

CANNES 2015: Presented in the Directors' Fortnight, the eighth feature film by Lithuanian filmmaker Sharunas Bartas leads us on an intimate, contemplative journey 

“Speaking straight from the soul”

Interview: Sharunas Bartas • Director

“Speaking straight from the soul”

CANNES 2015: Sharunas Bartas, the director of Peace to Us in Our Dreams, presented in the Directors' Fortnight, explains his anti-method of working 

Trailer [st en]


Trailer [st en]


international title: Peace to Us in Our Dreams
original title: Peace to Us in Our Dreams
country: Lithuania
sales agent: NDM Ventas Internacionales (MX)
year: 2015
directed by: Sharunas Bartas
screenplay: Sharunas Bartas
cast: Sharunas Bartas, Lora Kmieliauskaite, Ina Marija Bartaitė, Edvinas Goldsteinas, Giedrius Nakas, Klaudia Korshunova

main awards/selection

Cannes Film Festival 2015Directors' Fortnight
La Rochelle International Film Festival 2015
Lisbon and Estoril Film Festival 2015
Stockholm International Film Festival 2015

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