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by Carles Torras

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Callback: The terrible flip side of the American dream


Callback: The terrible flip side of the American dream

Carles Torras directs, writes and produces one of the most disconcerting (and interesting) films to have been selected in competition for the 19th Málaga Spanish Film Festival 

“I get swept along by my intuition”

Interview: Carles Torras • Director

“I get swept along by my intuition”

Catalan director Carles Torras is presenting Callback in competition at Málaga, a gritty, hard-hitting, devastatingly violent English-language film set in New York 

Trailer [en st es]


Trailer [en st es]


international title: Callback
original title: Callback
country: Spain, United States
year: 2016
NOTFOUND_filmregia_en: Carles Torras
NOTFOUND_filmsceneggiatura_en: Carles Torras, Martin Bacigalupo
NOTFOUND_filmattori_en: Larry Fessenden, Timothy Gibbs, Martin Bacigalupo, Lili Stein

main awards/selection

Málaga Film Festival 2016 
Toulouse Cinespaña Film Festival 2016 

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