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I Was a Dreamer

I Was a Dreamer

by Michele Vannucci

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I Was a Dreamer gets real on the outskirts of Rome


I Was a Dreamer gets real on the outskirts of Rome

VENICE 2016: "Suburban working-class" Mirko Frezza plays someone strikingly similar to himself in the feature debut by Michele Vannucci 

"You don’t have to stack the deck"

Interview: Michele Vannucci • Director

"You don’t have to stack the deck"

Michele Vannucci talks about his debut piece, which was presented at Venice and is based on the real life of the protagonist. 

Clip 1 [it]


Clip 1 [it]


international title: I Was a Dreamer
original title: Il più grande sogno
country: Italy
sales agent: True Colours
year: 2016
directed by: Michele Vannucci
screenplay: Michele Vannucci, Anita Otto
cast: Alessandro Borghi, Vittorio Viviani, Milena Mancini, Ginevra De Carolis, Mirko Frezza, Ivana Lotito

main awards/selection

Venice Film Festival 2016

Rome International Film festival 2016 

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