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I Was a Dreamer

I Was a Dreamer

by Michele Vannucci

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I Was a Dreamer gets real on the outskirts of Rome


I Was a Dreamer gets real on the outskirts of Rome

VENICE 2016: "Suburban working-class" Mirko Frezza plays someone strikingly similar to himself in the feature debut by Michele Vannucci 

"You don’t have to stack the deck"

Interview: Michele Vannucci • Director

"You don’t have to stack the deck"

Michele Vannucci talks about his debut piece I Was a Dreamer, which was presented at Venice and is based on the real life of the protagonist 

Clip 1 [it]


Clip 1 [it]


international title: I Was a Dreamer
original title: Il più grande sogno
country: Italy
sales agent: True Colours
year: 2016
directed by: Michele Vannucci
screenplay: Michele Vannucci, Anita Otto
cast: Alessandro Borghi, Vittorio Viviani, Milena Mancini, Ginevra De Carolis, Mirko Frezza, Ivana Lotito

main awards/selection

Venice Film Festival 2016
Rome International Film festival 2016

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