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The Real Estate

The Real Estate

by Axel Petersén, Måns Månsson

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Review: The Real Estate


Review: The Real Estate

BERLIN 2018: Axel Petersén and Måns Månsson stir up feelings of intense social alienation, where narrative and form unite to create an atmosphere of rejection 

“We wanted to turn up the volume”

Interview: Axel Petersén and Måns Månsson • Directors

“We wanted to turn up the volume”

BERLIN 2018: Cineuropa met up with Swedish directors Axel Petersén and Måns Månsson to discuss their film The Real Estate, presented in the main competition 

Trailer [se st en]


Trailer [se st en]


international title: The Real Estate
original title: Toppen av ingenting
country: Sweden, United Kingdom
sales agent: The Match Factory
year: 2018
directed by: Måns Månsson, Axel Petersén
screenplay: Axel Petersén
cast: Leonore Ekstrand, Christer Levin, Christian Saldert, Olof Rhodin, Carl Johan Merner, Don Bennechi, Carl Kumlin, Taye Ibrahim, Anna Eklund, Amie Malmberg

main awards/selection

Berlin 2018Competition

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