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Article: Dialogues

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You think I'm naïve?

- Some excerpts from the script

Article: Dialogues


- You think I'm naïve?
- We know about that. Let me tell you something, that if I could afford to take a taxi even once or had time to get drunk so I throw up, I'd be bloody happy!
- You don't even know what I work with.
- Yes, I do.
- Really? What do I do?
- Don't be so aggressive.
- What do I work with?
- Calm down. You work with computers.
- What do you mean, computers?
- You work with computers.
- "Work with computers"!
- That was really mature... imitating me.
- I'm not really mature according to you. Not mature in the way you obviously think one should be... You don't know anything about my life. Not a damn!

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- Do you remember when you were in love with me? It was tough having you following me around all the time. You could stare at me for hours.
- Stop it...
- Following me all the time... I could barely go to the toilet.
- I was six... Has it ever occured to you that I did so because it was exciting being with someone older?
- I'm still older...


- Put in the candles and we won't talk about this anymore.
- You know that man you danced with?
- Bjernulf ?
- He's married with three children.
- Don't worry. Gunilla already has a guy... on Bali.
- An American.
- You can't speak English!
- That's what's amazing. I hardly understood a word, but it didn't matter!
- So, you're moving there now?
- Are you crazy?
- Me? Speak for yourself.
- Just put in the candles...


international title: Dalecarlians
original title: Masjavlar
country: Sweden
year: 2004
directed by: Maria Bloom
screenplay: Maria Bloom, Maria Blom
cast: Sofia Helin, Kajsa Ernst, Ann Petrén, Lars G. Aronsson, Barbro Enberg, Joakim Lindblad, Inga Ålenius, Willie Andréason, Peter Jankert

main awards/selection

Guldbagge Awards (SE) 2005 Best Film (Lars Jönsson)
Best Screenplay (Maria Blom)
Best Supporting Actress (Kajsa Ernst)
Lübeck Nordic Film Days 2005 NDR Promotion Prize - Honorable Mention (Maria Blom)

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