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Interview: Carmen Jimenez & Alina Sigaro - Alta Classics • Distributor

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Interview with Carmen Jimenez, head of press, and Alina Sigaro, head of marketing


- Alta Films distributes films from different countries, mainly European ones, which are generally quality independent films

Interview: Carmen Jimenez & Alina Sigaro - Alta Classics • Distributor

Set up in 1969, Alta Films worked initially with films in subtitled original versions. Through the years, it assumed the distribution of risky titles and released in Spain films from Africa, China, India and Israel. Since July 2001, distribution is handled by Alta Classics S.L., part of the Alta Films S.A. group.

Cineuropa: Which genre of film is Sud Express and what is its target, according to the distribution strategy?
Sud Express is a drama. Its target is the audience of films in original version. The film is released in the original version with subtitles. It is a Spanish title, but there are characters from different nationalities (French, Portuguese and Spanish).

(The article continues below - Commercial information)

How many prints will the film have? Can you tell us about the marketing strategy.
The film will have 12 prints. The marketing strategy began with the screening of the film in the official competition of the San Sebastian Film Festival. It allowed a film with an unknown cast and crew to gain some reputation. Investment in advertising was austere and it focused mainly on the media. For this kind of film, support from the press is essential in the form of reviews, interviews, articles...

What is the most commercial element of the film and the least commercial one?
The most commercial aspect of Sud Express is that it is not a typical documentary. But this is like a coin, it has two sides. The least commercial aspect is that it looks like a documentary as the cast and crew are not known.

People tend to think that Alta Classics has a certain fascination for complicated films, but figures speak for themselves. What is the key to your success?
We are very careful about all the titles. Each one of them is treated in a very particular way and a fair distribution is guaranteed.


international title: Sud Express
original title: Sud Express
country: Spain, Portugal
sales agent: Sogepaq
year: 2006
directed by: Chema de la Peña, Gabriel Velázquez
screenplay: Chema de la Peña, Gabriel Velázquez
cast: Gerald Morales, Tino Guimarães, German A.João, Lidia Pinville, Javier Delgado, PIlar Borrego, Juanma Hernández, Miguel Martín, Hicham Malayo, Severine Batier, Fernando Taveres

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