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Video: Battle in Heaven

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by Carlos Reygadas

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A study of guilt in a nightmarish Mexico. A European production for a gifted and disturbing filmmaker

Cannes Film Festival, May, 15, 2005. The salle Buñuel is over-crowded for the press screening of a film in official competition. The film that creates such a craze? Battle In Heaven [+see also:
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film focus
interview: Carlos Reygadas
interview: Jean Labadie
film profile
[Film Focus], the second feature film by Carlos Reygadas, a young Mexican filmmaker previously awarded in Cannes 2002 with a Special mention from the jury of the Camera d’or for his directorial debut Japón. And at the end of the screening, the same turmoil was still alive as the media started to wave the red flag of scandal, split between those in favour or against the filmmaker in a typical Cannes controversy.


international title: Battle in Heaven
original title: Batalla en el cielo
country: France, Mexico, Belgium, Germany
sales agent: Coproduction Office
year: 2005
directed by: Carlos Reygadas
screenplay: Carlos Reygadas
cast: Marcos Hernandez, Anapola Mushkadiz, Berta Ruiz, Rosalinda Ramirez, David Bornstien

main awards/selection

Cannes 2005 Official Competition

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