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Trailer - Clip

by Catarina Ruivo

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Catarina Ruivo poetically evokes a difficult moment in childhood, the realisation that adults live in a world of their own

Catarina Ruivo’s André Valente [+see also:
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is the poetic evocation of a difficult moment of childhood, the moment when you realise how lonely adults are and experiment that loneliness. The main protagonist, André, lives alone with his mother who has been depressed since his father left. He has a friend called Susana, but one day she moves away. He makes friends with his intriguing neighbour, a Russian guy who goes on strange errands every evening, carrying a big sports bag, but he, too, eventually goes away. See Film Focus


international title: ANDRE VALENTE
original title: ANDRE VALENTE
country: Portugal
year: 2004
directed by: Catarina Ruivo
screenplay: Catarina Ruivo
cast: Leonardo Viveiros, Rita Durao, Dmitry Bagomalou

main awards/selection

Locarno, 2004 Don Quijote Prize

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