Grain (2017)
A Paris Education (2018)
Lemonade (2018)
Sunday's Illness (2018)
Transit (2018)
Foxtrot (2017)
Custody (2017)
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Abel Ferrara

Abel Ferrara

(b. 1951, New York City) started out shooting amateur movies on Super 8. In the late 70s he created The Driller Killer (1979), followed soon after byMs. 45/Angel of Vengeance(1981); their positive reviews helped him launch a career as a cult personality of independent film with a penchant for investigating the psychopathic violence that attracts the sordid characters of the sordid world of the big city (especially New York). His best known films includeKing of New York (1989), Bad Lieutenant (1992), Body Snatchers (1993), Snake Eyes (1993), The Addiction(1994), The Funeral (1996), The Blackout (1997), New Rose Hotel (1998), ’R Xmas (2001), Mary (2005), 4:44 Last Day on the Earth (2011), Welcome to New York (2014), and Pasolini (2014).

Source: Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2016

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