Anchor and Hope (2017)
The Prayer (2018)
Kissing Candice (2017)
The Apparition (2018)
Gaspard at the Wedding (2018)
Gangsta (2018)
Silent Night (2017)
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Alvaro Longoria

Alvaro Longoria

Álvaro Longoria directed his first full-length documentary in 2013, Hijos de las nubes(Sons of the Clouds), winner of the Goya of the year in that category. He is also a founding partner of the production company Morena Films, for which he has produced titles directed, among others, by Julio Medem (Ma ma, Habitación en Roma), Santiago Zannou (Alacrán enamorado), Hugh Hudson (Altamira), Carlos Saura (Iberia), Oliver Stone (Looking for Fidel, Comandante, Persona non Grata) and Steven Soderbergh (Che: El Argentino, Che: Guerrilla).

Source: San Sebástian Festival 2015

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