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Arturo Paglia

Producers on the Move 2015 – Italy


- Paco Cinematografica, founded by Arturo Paglia and Isabella Cocuzza, can count The Best Offer and La Stoffa dei Sogni amongst its titles

Arturo Paglia

Paco Cinematografica, founded in 2003 by Arturo Paglia and Isabella Cocuzza, can proudly count films such as Basilicata Coast to Coast [+see also:
film review
interview: Rocco Papaleo
film profile
and Una Piccola Impresa Meridionale [+see also:
film profile
by Rocco Papaleo, The Best Offer [+see also:
film review
film profile
by Giuseppe Tornatore and La Stoffa dei Sogni by Gianfranco Cabiddu (news) amongst its titles. It is currently working on the production of Tornatore's new film, La Corrispondenza (news), and the post-production of La Prima Luce by Vincenzo Marra. It is also developing Giorgio Diritti's new film, Lubo, which has just obtained support from the fund for the development of co-productions between Italy and Germany.

Cineuropa: You were invited to Producers on the Move, an occasion that fosters meetings and ideas at an important market - Cannes. What does this invitation mean to you?
Arturo Paglia: We are very proud to be representing Italy at this meeting of European producers. For Paco, this is a moment of great creative and productive energy; we have found some very interesting projects, and Cannes is the right market for us to both get in touch with potential partners and offer our experience to our international colleagues.

Paco was built on “small” but surprising films, such as Papaleo's ones, and movies with a wider international scope, such as those of Oscar-winning director Giuseppe Tornatore. How did you come to these production choices?
We always try to follow an editorial guideline that mirrors our company's identity. As we receive pitches for a very wide range of projects, it is very important to be lucid and far-sighted in our choices, even though what ultimately guides us is always enthusiasm and passion. If one of these two elements went missing, I think that even the easiest, “safest” choices would turn out to be failures. Fortunately, emotion has a fundamental and primary role in this job.

Amongst your current projects is the next, eagerly awaited film by Giorgio Diritti. Set in the thirties and forties, it seems like an ambitious project, and you've used the new bilateral fund between Italy and Germany for it.
I can confirm that this project means a lot to us. It is based on a novel that we love, Mario Cavatore's Il Seminatore, and we are certain that Giorgio is the best director for a story as strong and passionate as this one.

How do you think that the circulation of European films could be facilitated?
If films weren't dubbed and we taught our children that English needs to be learnt like one learns to cycle or swim, I think in the future we'd be able to enjoy and appreciate many, many wonderful films that sadly cannot even reach us at the moment. From where we stand, we always try to address an international market.


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