Suntan (2016)
The Divine Order by Petra Volpe
Django (2017)
The Fury of a Patient Man (2016)
United States of Love (2016)
The Other Side of Hope (2017)
Lady Macbeth (2016)
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Weekly feature introducing you to film professionals from all over Europe sorted by name.

3412 interviews available in total starting from 14/05/2002. Last updated on 26/04/2017. 415 interviews inserted in the last 12 months.


Karzan Kader • Director

"As a child, I dreamt that Rambo would help us fight Saddam"

Karzan Kader • Director

In his film Bekas, Kurdish-Swedish filmmaker Karzan Kader evokes his family's flight from Iraqi Kurdistan...  


Cédric Kahn • Director

“You mustn’t accept misfortune as fate”

Cédric Kahn • Director

Excessive debt, family, love, survival: the French director explains the reasons that drove him to make A...  


Tinatin Kajrishvili

Producer on the Move 2014 – Georgia

Tinatin Kajrishvili

Cineuropa met up with Georgia’s Producer on the Move, Tinatin Kajrishvili, of production outfit Gemini, to...  


Tinatin Kajrishvili  • Director

"I wanted to make my debut with a powerful story, which at the same time would feel like my own"

Tinatin Kajrishvili • Director

Cineuropa spoke to Georgian filmmaker Tinatin Kajrishvili, who screened her feature debut, Brides, at the...  


Kamen   Kalev  • Director

“I wanted to understand how confusion and alienation were born”

Kamen Kalev • Director

Besides the documentary aspect of a main character played by a non-professional actor and his real, tragic...  


Laure Kaltenbach  • Managing director of the Forum d’Avignon

Laure Kaltenbach • Managing director of the Forum d’Avignon

Cineuropa sat down with organiser Laure Kaltenbach to talk about the upcoming first Forum d’Avignon 100% data  


Vanja Kaludjercic  • Head, Holland Film Meeting

“The HFM will continue to provide a safety net for the filmmaking community”

Vanja Kaludjercic • Head, Holland Film Meeting

We spoke to Vanja Kaludjercic, head of the Holland Film Meeting, about the first edition of the event...  


Henning Kamm

Producer on the Move 2014 – Germany

Henning Kamm

Henning Kamm (Detailfilm) focuses on original, gripping stories that can be fictional or documental  


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