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Weekly feature introducing you to film professionals from all over Europe sorted by name.

3541 interviews available in total starting from 14/05/2002. Last updated on 28/07/2017. 414 interviews inserted in the last 12 months.


Andres and Katrin Maimik • Directors

“We have always been inspired by the close relationships between parents and children”

Andres and Katrin Maimik • Directors

KARLOVY VARY 2017: Estonia’s Andres and Katrin Maimik talk about their second feature, The Man Who Looks Like Me, and the warm reception it got when it...  


Josef Tuka  • Director

“Film is the best way to occupy oneself with things one does not understand”

Josef Tuka • Director

KARLOVY VARY 2017: Cineuropa chatted to debuting Czech filmmaker Josef Tuka about Absence of Closeness, the subject of the social taboo and working under...  


Václav Kadrnka  • Director

“I am driven by instinct”

Václav Kadrnka • Director

KARLOVY VARY 2017: On the occasion of the world premiere of Little Crusader at Karlovy Vary, Cineuropa met up with Czech director Václav Kadrnka to get the...  


Gustavo Salmerón • Director

“My film rejects all artifice”

Gustavo Salmerón • Director

KARLOVY VARY 2017: Spain's Gustavo Salmerón has taken 14 years to shoot his first feature film, the documentary Lots of Kids, a Monkey and a Castle, which...  


Danijel Hočevar, Kristýna Plhoňová  • MIDPOINT

"We want to support emerging talents to integrate their projects into the marketplace"

Danijel Hočevar, Kristýna Plhoňová • MIDPOINT

KARLOVY VARY 2017: Cineuropa met up with MIDPOINT representatives Danijel Hočevar and Kristýna Plhoňová in the wake of its programme expansion  


Miro Remo  • Director

“The important thing is not to lie”

Miro Remo • Director

KARLOVY VARY 2017: We met up with award-winning Slovakian documentarian Miro Remo to talk about his latest oeuvre, This Is Not Me, and the dilemmas he faces...  


Cristi Iftime  • Director

"I wanted to make a film in the present tense, but permeated by a certain nostalgia"

Cristi Iftime • Director

KARLOVY VARY 2017: Cineuropa caught up with Romanian director Cristi Iftime, who is showing his first feature, Mariţa, in Karlovy Vary’s East of the West...  


Iulia Rugină  • Director

"Not welcoming new voices sentences Romanian cinema to a premature ageing"

Iulia Rugină • Director

KARLOVY VARY 2017: Cineuropa caught up with Iulia Rugină, who talks about the challenges of her third feature, Breaking News, being shown in competition at...  


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