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Turist (2014)
Party Girl (2014)
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2273 interviews available in total starting from 14/05/2002. Last updated on 20/11/2014. 326 interviews inserted in the last 12 months.


Dimitri Eipides  • Head of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival

"I don't want this festival to be snuffed out for any reason - it deserves to last longer"

Dimitri Eipides • Head of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival

Cineuropa met up with Dimitri Eipides to talk about how he felt about the latest edition of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival and the gathering’s...  


Astrid Thorvaldsen  • Director

"The familiar and identifiable in everyday life is often more frightening than the monstrosities"

Astrid Thorvaldsen • Director

Young Norwegian director Astrid Thorvaldsen spoke to Cineuropa about her first feature-length work, Utburd, a horror film  


Mia  Hansen-Løve • Director

"The true star of the movie is the music"

Mia Hansen-Løve • Director

The French director reflects on the Eden adventure, an ambitious and successful fiction film at the heart of the emergence of French Touch.  


Daniel Ziskind  • Representative of ZAD

"The revolutions are encouraging producers and directors to look at more hard-hitting material"

Daniel Ziskind • Representative of ZAD

Cineuropa met up with Daniel Ziskind, who has just produced the film El Ott by Ibrahim El Batout, which premiered at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival  


Pascale Ferran  • Director

“Today, the only possible revolution is an individual one”

Pascale Ferran • Director

Parisian filmmaker Pascale Ferran has competed in Seville’s Official Section with Bird People, a fable about flying your way to happiness  


Sergi Pérez  • Director

“We don't want to live on the margins of cinema”

Sergi Pérez • Director

El camino más largo para volver a casa, Sergi Pérez's debut film, is the only Spanish title in the official section of Seville: we spoke to him  


Ángel Santos  • Director

“We look at scenery from a cinephile persepctive”

Ángel Santos • Director

Following its debut at the Busan Festival, The High Pressures by Ángel Santos touches down in Seville. The intímate and geographical journey of a wandering man  


Claudio Noce  • Director

“A dark fairytale anchored to reality”

Claudio Noce • Director

The Ice Forest, the new film by Claudio Noce, will be released on 13 November. We met up with the filmmaker as he presented it at the Rome Film Festival  


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