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2635 interviews available in total starting from 14/05/2002. Last updated on 04/05/2015. 342 interviews inserted in the last 12 months.


Juliette Bonass

Producer on the Move 2015 – Ireland

Juliette Bonass

Juliette Bonass (Element Pictures) produced Glassland and her next, A Date for Mad Mary, is currently in post-production  


Charles Tesson  • General Delegate, Critics’ Week

"Taking a gamble on filmmakers"

Charles Tesson • General Delegate, Critics’ Week

Charles Tesson, the General Delegate of the Cannes Critics’ Week, shares his thoughts on his selection for 2015  


Lech Majewski  • Director

"I’m against enforcing the behaviourist approach on film”

Lech Majewski • Director

We met with Polish filmmaker Lech Majewski to talk about his new film Field of Dogs, inspired by Dante and rich in symbols and visuals  


Margarida Leitão  • Director

"What I try to do in my films is bring about encounters"

Margarida Leitão • Director

Gypsophila, in competition at IndieLisboa, is an essay about memory and the relationship between director Margarida Leitão and her grandmother. Cineuropa...  


Jonás Trueba  • Director

“I live with insecurity by making my own, unrestricted films”

Jonás Trueba • Director

Spanish director Jonás Trueba took home the Special Jury Prize from the 18th Málaga Spanish Film Festival with his third movie, Los exiliados románticos  


Karoly Ujj Mészáros  • Director

“I don't think you can be really happy in life unless you accept death”

Karoly Ujj Mészáros • Director

Cineuropa met up with Hungarian filmmaker Karoly Ujj Mészáros, who screened his funny and romantic first feature film, Liza, the Fox-Fairy, at the Brussels...  


Ivan I Tverdovsky  • Director

“The special schools are like a jail”

Ivan I Tverdovsky • Director

With Corrections Class, Russian director Ivan I. Tverdovsky took home the Special Jury Prize and the Cineuropa Prize from the 16th Lecce European Film Festival  


Carol Morley  • Director

"Every time I make a film, I want it to be like the first time"

Carol Morley • Director

Ahead of The Falling's UK release, Cineuropa caught up with Carol Morley to get a sense of what makes her tick and how she works as a director  


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