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Cineuropa presenta con Festival Scope 19 documentari di Salonicco


- In inglese: Cineuropa offre fino al 16 marzo la possibilità di ottenere un pass gratuito per accedere ai film proiettati al Festival del Documentario di Salonicco

Cineuropa presenta con Festival Scope 19 documentari di Salonicco
Spectres Are Haunting Europe by Maria Kourkouta and Niki Giannari

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The 19th edition of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (TDF) will bring the audience closer to Greek titles this year through Festival Scope, as ten Festival Passes are being drawn, enabling the winners to watch 19 Greek documentaries from the Hellenic gathering here. All you need to do is register here before Thursday 16 March to win a free pass that will give you access to the TDF19 line-up, which will be available until 26 March. Winners will be notified on Friday 17 March. Each film at the Greek gathering has only 200 tickets available.

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Here is the list of the Greek shorts and features available to view with the pass, all with English subtitles:

Ichthys - Christos Karalias (Greece)
Beatbox and Winds – Nicos Diminakis - Gina Georgiadou (Greece)
String-less - Angelos Kovotsos (Greece)
Drifting Generation - Stella Nikoletta Drossa (Greece/Germany)
Days of the Lake - Pandora Mouriki (Greece)
The First Supper – The Journey of Food: Eating in Greece from Prehistory to Modern Times - Andreas Apostolides, Nikos Dayandas, Yuri Averof and Lefteris Charitos (Greece)
Greek Animal Rescue - Menelaos Karamaghiolis (Greece)
Lute Electric - Vassilis Dimitriadis and Mike Geranios (Greece/Germany)
Deadline - Menios Carayannis (Greece)
The Snake Charmer - Nina-Maria Paschalidou (Greece/Cyprus)
Yannis Kastritsis: The Man and His Shadow - Dimitris Koutsiabasakos (Greece)
To Another Life - Laurent Laughlin (Greece)
Every Single Day - Spyros Gerousis (Greece)
Eyes of Exodus - Alexandra Liveris (USA)
Spectres Are Haunting Europe [+leggi anche:
scheda film
- Maria Kourkouta and Niki Giannari (Greece)
Culinary Heritage of Mount Athos - Christos Matzonas (Greece)
Portolago – Ghosts in the Aegean - Ioanna Asmeniadou-Phocas (Greece)
The Great Utopia - Fotos Lamprinos (Greece)
Shingal, Where Are You? [+leggi anche:
scheda film
Angelos Rallis and Hans Ulrich Gossl (Austria/Belgium/Greece/Iraq/Turkey/USA)

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