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In the Fade (2017)
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Happy End (2017)
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26 May 2017

Sarajevo 2017

Sarajevo Film Festival to pay tribute to Joshua Oppenheimer

Cannes 2017 – Competition

The Double Lover: The devil in the belly

Cannes 2017 – Competition

In the Fade: "Do you want to know who killed your family?"

Cannes 2017 – Market/Denmark

IFC Films acquires Lars von Trier’s The House that Jack Built for the USA

Cannes 2017 – Directors’ Fortnight

The Nothing Factory: A melding of class struggle and musical comedy

Cannes 2017 – Directors’ Fortnight

Frost: A journey to the end of the war

Festivals – Czech Republic

The 2017 Zlín Film Festival welcomes films from a record-breaking number of countries

25 May 2017

Cannes 2017 – Critics’ Week/Awards

The Critics’ Week Grand Prize goes to Makala

Cannes 2017 – Funding

Cine-Regio stresses the importance of regional film funds

Cannes 2017 – Special screenings

12 jours : The judge and the "madman"

Cannes 2017 – ACID

Coby: The long road to self

Cannes 2017 – Industry

Making documentaries in the post-truth era

Industry – Europe/Africa

Agreement signed for the first Euro-Mediterranean Audiovisual Centre

Cannes 2017 – Directors’ Fortnight

Nothingwood: A crackpot who makes films in Afghanistan

Cannes 2017 – Competition

A Gentle Creature: "The union between prison and the people"

Cannes 2017 – Market/France

French sellers rack up deal after deal at Cannes

Cannes 2017 – Critics’ Week

La Familia: “You’d be an idiot not to be scared”

24 May 2017

Cannes 2017 – Un Certain Regard

Until the Birds Return: Three trips to Algeria for the price of one

Cannes 2017 – Directors’ Fortnight

Just to Be Sure: An easygoing comedy about a “reconstituted” family

Industry – Poland/Lithuania

Poland and Lithuania sign a cooperation agreement

Cannes 2017 – Critics’ Week

Makala: The journey of an honest man

Cannes 2017 – Un Certain Regard

The Summit: Hold on, there’s turbulence ahead!

Cannes 2017 – Special screenings

Golden Years: Longevity, liberty, Téchiné

Cannes 2017 – Special screenings

Demons in Paradise: "Engulfed in silence"

Cannes 2017 – Industry

Cannes focuses on the new growth of opportunities in Chinese arthouse film

Cannes 2017 – Competition

Rodin: Turning the hierarchy on its head

Cannes 2017 – Industry

Exploring the various strategies employed in the European financing environment

Cannes 2017 – Un Certain Regard

Lucky: One woman, one destiny

Cannes 2017 – Industry

Exploring how to better promote and distribute European films around the world at Cannes

Cannes 2017 – Industry

EFADs makes a declaration on territorial exclusivity at Cannes

23 May 2017

Cannes 2017 – Un Certain Regard

The Workshop: A masterful film that teaches us a lot

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