Beauty and the Dogs (2017)
On Body and Soul (2017)
Giant (2017)
Valley of Shadows (2017)
Let the Corpses Tan (2017)
I Am Not a Witch (2017)
The Square (2017)
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20 October 2017

Warsaw 2017 – Discoveries

Drib: A film about a true story based on a lie

Sitges 2017

Hagazussa: A Heathen’s Curse: The witch of the late medieval Alps

Warsaw 2017 – Special Screenings

Darling: The show must go on, but at what price?

19 October 2017

Warsaw 2017 – Documentary Competition

Freedom for the Wolf: Death for the sheep

Astra 2017

Taste of Cement: Living without being alive

18 October 2017

Warsaw 2017 – Competition 1-2

Château: A comedy of errors set in the Parisian immigrant community

Warsaw 2017 – Competition 1-2

The Man with the Magic Box: The (bleak) future is now

IndieCork 2017

The Legend of Harry and Ambrose: The picaresque journey of two Redcoat soldiers

Warsaw 2017 – Discoveries

Blessed: A generational clash of ideals and reality

17 October 2017

Warsaw 2017 – Competition 1-2

A Horrible Woman: Awkward but efficient couples therapy in 86 minutes

Film – Belgium/Netherlands

Zagros: A migrant in love

Warsaw 2017 – Competition

A Balkan Noir: Revenge and cigarettes

Warsaw 2017 – Competition

The Anniversary: A typology of Romanian society

IndieCork 2017

Circles of the Sun: A dark odyssey set in 2035

Warsaw 2017 – Competition

The Miner: A truth hidden deep down

16 October 2017

Warsaw 2017 – Competition

The Confession: A rare modern film with a priest as the good guy

Sitges 2017

The Lodgers: The twins, the ancient family curse and the haunted house

Sitges 2017

How to Talk to Girls at Parties: Aliens in punk-era London

13 October 2017

Funding – Belgium

Three 100% Walloon projects supported at the 86th Wallimage session

IndieCork 2017

I’m Talking to You: The surreal life of a trainee Irish Guard

London 2017

Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool: Just on screen

London 2017

The Cured: Giving zombies a second chance

12 October 2017

Films – Slovenia/Serbia

The Basics of Killing: Society destroying the family

Films – Italy

Nine 1/2 Moons: Two sisters and the many ways to be a family

Sitges 2017

Muse: Those damned inspirational goddesses!

London 2017

Going West: Let others in, and let your true self out

IndieCork 2017

Blue Dawn: An ode to love and family

11 October 2017

Sitges 2017

Most Beautiful Island: The contrasts of New York

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