Raw (2016)
The Divine Order by Petra Volpe
Django (2017)
The Fury of a Patient Man (2016)
Amar (2017)
United States of Love (2016)
The Other Side of Hope (2017)
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25 April 2017

Tribeca 2017

Nobody’s Watching: The unpredictability of life

24 April 2017

Tribeca 2017

Ice Mother: Cold, but happy

Tribeca 2017

Son of Sofia, a magical realistic journey into the end of innocence

Visions du réel 2017

Niñato: Life, pure and unadorned

21 April 2017

Films – Italy

With La tenerezza, Gianni Amelio is aiming right for our hearts

20 April 2017

Films – Spain

Amar: With you until the end of the world

Tribeca 2017

The Divine Order, a hilarious comedy that hides ill-concealed discomfort

14 April 2017

Films – UK

Butterfly Kisses: A difficult theme wrapped in a dreamy atmosphere

Films – Norway

69 Minutes of 86 Days: Innocence on the road to safety

13 April 2017

Films – Italy

A Freudian Toni Servillo in Let Yourself Go!

BIFFF 2017

Hidden Reserves: Immortality, but at what price?

Films – Switzerland

Dark Fortune: A journey that plumbs the depths of emotion, between horror and redemption

12 April 2017

Films – Italy

Another Me: Looking into the minds of convicts of sexual violence

11 April 2017

Films – Portugal

Paula Rego: Secrets & Stories hits Portuguese screens

10 April 2017

Vilnius 2017

Woman and the Glacier: Thirty years of solitude

07 April 2017

Lecce 2017

Framing Mom: Who we are, and where we come from

Films – Ireland

A Dark Song: A chamber (piece) of horrors

Vilnius 2017

Close Relations: The Ukraine crisis as community mythology

Films – Denmark/Germany/Syria

Last Men in Aleppo: Feel how we failed in Syria

06 April 2017

Films – Italy

The Startup, a success story or fake news?

05 April 2017

Lecce 2017

Forest 4am: Fleeing civilization

Films – France

Corporate: "Do you want a death on your conscience?"

04 April 2017

Films – Sweden

The Nile Hilton Incident: A relevant, atmospheric thriller

03 April 2017

Films – Austria

Ties That Bind: All happy families – or not

31 March 2017

Films – Italy

Raphael’s art in 3D

Hispasat 4K

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