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843 news (box office) available in total starting from 08/09/2003. Last updated on 02/10/2017. 41 news (box office) inserted in the last 12 months.

29 September 2017

Box office – Ireland

Maze sets the yearly record for the biggest opening weekend for a domestic film

20 September 2017

Box office – Slovakia

The Slovakian box office sees an unprecedented peak for local cinema

13 July 2017

Box office – Romania

The Romanian box office grows by 25% in the first half of 2017

10 July 2017

Box office – Norway

2017 – so far – the best year for Norwegian cinemas since 1983

Box office – France

French cinemas take 104.94 million admissions in the first half of the year

06 June 2017

Box office – Norway

72% of Norwegians go to the cinema – as against 58% in 1991

30 May 2017

Box office – Finland

Three Finnish films on top of the 2016 box-office charts

04 May 2017

Box office – Belgium

A fall in attendance levels but steady recognition for Flemish films in 2016

19 April 2017

Box office – Norway

Norwegian cinemas increasingly crowded – for international movies

13 April 2017

Box office – Germany

Germany sees admissions dwindle in the first quarter

11 April 2017

Box office – Romania

Romania sees a 140% increase in earnings for domestic releases

21 March 2017

Box office – Hungary

Kincsem - Bet on Revenge gets off to a flying start in Hungarian theatres

Box office – Poland

Polish film The Art of Loving tops local 2017 box office

15 March 2017

Box office – Portugal

Marco Martins’ Saint George enjoys a promising opening in Portugal

13 March 2017

Box office – Denmark

Danish films strike back after a weak 2016

03 March 2017

Box office – France

National comedies reign supreme at the French box office

28 February 2017

Box office – Slovakia

Another record-breaking year for Slovakian cinemas

27 February 2017

Box office – Czech Republic

A great year for Czech cinemas

Box office – Belgium

A serious drop in admissions to Belgian theatres in 2016

20 February 2017

Box office – Lithuania

Lithuanian audiences partial to local and US films

07 February 2017

Box office – Poland

The Art of Loving takes Polish cinemas by storm

25 January 2017

Box office – Bulgaria

Earnings by domestic films more than double in Bulgaria

17 January 2017

Box office – Italy

Admissions, takings and Italian cinema’s share of the market increase in 2016

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