Venus in Fur (2013)
La vida inesperada (2014)
After the Night (2013)
Salvo (2013)
An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker (2013)
Sacro GRA (2013)
The Selfish Giant (2013)



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1536 news (films / reviews) available in total starting from 25/07/2002. Last updated on 23/04/2014. 280 news (films / reviews) inserted in the last 12 months.

23 April 2014

Film – Czech Republic

Krásno: Czech cinema ventures into darker waters

22 April 2014

Film – Czech Republic

Fair Play: The moral heroes of the recent past

07 April 2014

Film – Belgium

A one-way ticket for Tombville

04 April 2014

Releases – Poland

Hardkor Disko: kicking off with the bomb

01 April 2014

Films – Poland

Warsaw Stories: the capital city in the starring role

Films – Chile/France/Argentina

Las niñas Quispe or solitary life at a high altitude

28 March 2014

Malaga 2014

La vida inesperada: a strange couple

27 March 2014

Málaga 2014

Todos están muertos: the open wounds of the past

Films – Italy

Ti ricordi di me?, a modern romantic tale

24 March 2014

Málaga 2014

10,000 km: reality’s similarities and substitutions

Films – Switzerland

Sleepless in New York, new documentary by Christian Frei, soon on the big screen

Málaga 2014

Carmina y amén: 48 hours with Antonio

20 March 2014

Films – Cyprus

A portrait of an unknown place in Evaporating Borders

18 March 2014

RIFF 2014 – Competition

Tempo Girl: living in a rush, and then writing about it

Films – Spain

Coast of Death: a tiny silhouette on the landscape

12 March 2014

Film – Svizzera

L’expérience Blocher, a risky journey through enemy territory

07 March 2014

Anima 2014

Aunt Hilda!: a mission among the flowers

05 March 2014

Films – Romania

Romania hooks up with Hollywood to get Closer to the Moon

03 March 2014

Anima 2014

The Art of Happiness: the rain of life

17 February 2014

Berlinale 2014 – Panorama Special

Berlinale: The Lamb – A feel-good film tackling serious issues

Berlinale 2014 – Forum

Berlinale: Deep characters but a light approach in Blind Dates

Berlinale 2014 – Out of competition

Berlinale: A CGI update of the classic fairy tale in Beauty and the Beast

Berlinale 2014 – Panorama Special

Berlinale: Captivating crime drama in Cracks in Concrete

15 February 2014

Berlinale 2014 – Competition

Berlinale: Claudia Llosa’s new shot at the Bears with Aloft

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