Mafia Only Kills In Summer (2013)
Pikadero (2015)
The Next Skin (2016)
Death By Death (2015)
Liza, the Fox-Fairy (2015)
The High Sun (2015)
The Neon Demon (2016)
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27 June 2016

Brussels Film Festival 2016

Viva: A celebration of love and life

Edinburgh 2016

A Patch of Fog: In the midst of an outré friendship

FEST Espinho 2016

Brothers: Eat, pray, walk

Edinburgh 2016

The Carer: An outstanding Brian Cox in the role of his life

24 June 2016

Edinburgh 2016

Bliss!: In pursuit of a father

23 June 2016

Brussels Film Festival 2016

Lazar: A portrait of a young man’s moral awakening

22 June 2016

Brussels Film Festival 2016

Isabelle Carré projects her body and soul into Kokoro

Biografilm 2016

Goodbye Darling, I’m Off to Fight: Rediscovering yourself in the ring

Brussels Film Festival 2016

Suntan: A haunting coming-of-middle-age erotic thriller

21 June 2016

Brussels Film Festival 2016

Right Here Right Now: Family finances

Biografilm 2016

Il fiume ha sempre ragione: Silvio Soldini, among craftsmen of words

Brussels Film Festival 2016

Team Spirit, not such an outsider

20 June 2016

Biografilm 2016

A Family Affair: A very special grandmother

16 June 2016

Films – Spain

Kóblic: Fleeing from oneself

15 June 2016

Films – France

Struggle for Life: "It’s going to be hard to bring things up to standard"

09 June 2016

Films – Italy

Dead Uncle: When a jaguar changes your life

Transilvania 2016 – Romanian Days

Eastern Business: Doing deals the Eastern way

Films – Spain

Las amigas de Ágata: Together forever?

08 June 2016

Films – France

Dark Inclusion: A transparent mirror stretching into the abyss

07 June 2016

Transilvania 2016 – Romanian Days

Two Lottery Tickets: An all-too-familiar situational comedy

03 June 2016

Films – Germany/Belgium

Agnes, the asymmetry of love affairs

Transilvania 2016 – Competition

Remainder: Reconstructing memory

Films – Spain

Acantilado: The bad seed

02 June 2016

Transilvania 2016 – Competition

Fado: Jealousy and the tidal wave

01 June 2016

Transilvania 2016 – Competition

The Open Door: The fascination of motherhood


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