Kiki, Love to Love (2016)
Nocturama (2016)
Mimosas (2016)
Staying Vertical (2016)
Albüm (2016)
Slack Bay (2016)
Like Crazy (2016)
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23 August 2016

Sarajevo 2016 – Competition

The Black Pin: A well-crafted movie from a little-known film industry

18 August 2016

Sarajevo 2016 – Out of competition

All the Cities of the North: Where the personal and the collective converge

17 August 2016

Locarno 2016 – Critics’ Week

Communion delicately portrays a patched-together family

15 August 2016

Sarajevo 2016 – Competition

A Decent Woman: The end of the oasis

12 August 2016

Locarno 2016 – Filmmakers of the Present

Afterlov, a love story that turns into a battle

Locarno 2016 – Filmmakers of the Present

The Nest holds a mystery that’s too terrible to accept

Toronto 2016

European films invited to leap across the pond to Toronto

Locarno 2016 – Competition

Godless: Is redemption possible?

11 August 2016

Locarno 2016 – Competition

The Young One, a glorious and epic tale about an ordinary man

10 August 2016

Locarno 2016 – Competition

Marija: The immigration experience as seen through the blue eyes of a modern-day Valkyrie

Locarno 2016 – Competition

The Idea of a Lake: The pain of loss

09 August 2016

Locarno 2016 – Out of Competition

Jean Ziegler, The Optimism of Willpower goes in search of the man behind the public persona

Locarno 2016 – Critics’ Week

Cahier africain: A glimpse into people’s lives that’s full of dignity

Locarno 2016 – Filmmakers of the Present

Still Life: Scenes from the abattoir

Locarno 2016 – Filmmakers of the Present

Daydreams: The formal beauty of a surreal tale

Locarno 2016 – Competition

The Ornithologist, a surreal reflection on spirituality

Locarno 2016 – Competition

Mister Universo: The show must go on

Locarno 2016 – Competition

The Last Family: Four funerals and a murder

08 August 2016

Locarno 2016 – Filmmakers of the Present

Fishing Bodies captures the cruel portrait of a forgotten reality

Locarno 2016 – Competition

Glory: The two faces of Bulgaria

Locarno 2016 – Panorama Suisse

The Chinese Lives of Uli Sigg, the hidden side of an incomprehensible country

Locarno 2016 – Filmmakers of the Present

The Challenge, the majestic beauty of ritualised everyday life

Locarno 2016 – Competition

Scarred Hearts: An invitation to feel compassion

Locarno 2016 – Competition

The Apple of My Eye, a scathing and brazen comedy about diversity

05 August 2016

Odessa 2016

My Grandmother Fanny Kaplan: "Historical truth is built on the silence of the dead"

Locarno 2016 – Piazza Grande

Moka, revenge is a dish best served cold

Locarno 2016 – Out of competition

Un juif pour l'exemple, an explosion of violence in the heart of peaceful Switzerland


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