The Lobster (2015)
The Here After (2015)
Fatima (2015)
Blood of my Blood (2015)
Peace to Us in Our Dreams (2015)
Mediterranea (2015)
Ixcanul (2015)
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2102 news (films / reviews) available in total starting from 25/07/2002. Last updated on 10/10/2015. 369 news (films / reviews) inserted in the last 12 months.

09 October 2015

London 2015

Couple in a Hole: Kind of irresistibly odd

Golden Rose 2015

The 11th Grade: dignity and choices

08 October 2015

Sitges 2015

The Bride: The heat of passion, Lorca-style

07 October 2015

Zurich 2015

Köpek, the sincere portrait of a paradoxical Istanbul

06 October 2015

Zurich 2015

A Decent Man, when normality turns to madness

FIFF 2015

Black: Romeo and Juliet set the streets of Brussels ablaze

05 October 2015

Zurich 2015

The Miracle of Tekir: a mysterious, almost magical film

FIFF 2015

Prejudice: family affairs

02 October 2015

Films – Spain

The Apostate: change is hard

01 October 2015

San Sebastián 2015 – New Directors

Barash: Teenage rebels yearning for meaningful experiences

Zurich 2015

Amateur Teens, realities suspended between the virtual world and real life

29 September 2015

Netherlands Film Festival 2015

The Paradise Suite: The naked truth behind the “European Dream”

San Sebastián – New Directors

Pikadero: In search of a place for passion

28 September 2015

San Sebastian 2015 – Competition

Sunset Song: women can be warriors too

San Sebastian 2015 – Competition

The White Knights: behind good intentions

25 September 2015

San Sebastián 2015 – Competition

The King of Havana: Far from a postcard

San Sebastian 2015 – New directors

The New Kid: Welcome to the teen world

Releases – Poland

The King of Life: A feel-good movie, Polish-style

24 September 2015

Films – Slovenia

Nobody’s Home

San Sebastián 2015 – Competition

Evolution: towards a perfect matriarchal society?

Films – Slovenia

Idyll: A butchered but effective horror film

23 September 2015

San Sebastián 2015 – Competition

Truman, a lot of pent-up emotion

Netherlands Film Festival 2015

J Kessels: A writer in search of a story

San Sebastián 2015 – New Directors

Thirst: An aesthetic achievement

San Sebastián 2015 – Competition

High-Rise: The Gospel of Ballard according to Ben Wheatley

22 September 2015

San Sebastián 2015 – Out of competition

Mi gran noche: Long live the party!

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