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1879 news (films / reviews) available in total starting from 25/07/2002. Last updated on 27/03/2015. 346 news (films / reviews) inserted in the last 12 months.

27 March 2015

Bif&st 2015

The Art Dealer: A Jewish family's missing heritage

26 March 2015

Bif&st 2015

Micaela Ramazzotti the dark lady in Ho ucciso Napoleone

Bif&st 2015 – Netherlands/Switzerland/Belgium/Luxembourg

Accused: Is the nurse a serial killer?

25 March 2015

Films – Switzerland

Stella ciao: A game of mirrors between the past and the present

Films – Spain

The Night of the Mouse: Cinephilia in action

Bif&st 2015

Ex Machina, artificial intelligence is a sexy woman

Films – Spain

La extraña elección: Seeking happiness in the country

24 March 2015

Production – UK

Altitude gets Gifts

Bif&st 2015

Wolf Totem, Annaud spends seven years in Mongolia

20 March 2015

Sofia 2015

Buffer Zone: Dreaming about film

18 March 2015

Sofia 2015

Corpse Collector: comedy of death

16 March 2015

Bergamo Film Meeting 2015

Anywhere Else, a girl lost in linguistic diversity

11 March 2015

Bergamo Film Meeting 2015

Modris: A boxer nose that rebels against the world

Bergamo Film Meeting 2015

Amnesia, a family thriller among the fjords

10 March 2015

Bergamo Film Meeting 2015

Why Can't I Be Tarkovskij? The answer is in a dream

09 March 2015

Festivals – Portugal

Liza, the Fox-Fairy: A Hungarian film with an eye on Japan

05 March 2015

Films – Spain

El gran salto adelante: Spain, a country teetering on the edge of the abyss

Films – Belgium

World premiere for Mirage d’Amour by Hubert Toint at the Mons Film Festival

03 March 2015

Films – Italy

Francesca Neri is a university professor in Peter Marcias' new movie

Festivals – Portugal

Be My Cat: A Film for Anne competing at Fantasporto

Berlin 2015 – Berlinale Special

The Misplaced World: Von Trotta splits another woman

02 March 2015

Films – Italy

La dolce arte di esistere, young neurotics seeking invisibility

19 February 2015

Films – Italy

Noi e la Giulia on the path of Italian comedy

Films – Netherlands/Belgium/Germany

A mesmerising journey of desire over the Atlantic.

18 February 2015

Festivals – Belgium

Manieggs – Revenge of the Hard Egg: Parody as a form of tribute

mif 2015

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