Aferim! (2015)
The Summer of Sangaile (2015)
Arabian Nights (2015)
The Measure of a Man (2015)
Marshland (2014)
Slow West (2015)
The Mafia Only Kills In Summer (2013)
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2002 news (films / reviews) available in total starting from 25/07/2002. Last updated on 24/07/2015. 373 news (films / reviews) inserted in the last 12 months.

22 July 2015

Films – Israel

The Man in the Wall: Absence is torture

14 July 2015

Karlovy Vary 2015 – East of the West

The World Is Mine: A promising coming-of-age story

10 July 2015

Karlovy Vary 2015 – Competition

The Snake Brothers: A cinematic slice of real life

09 July 2015

Karlovy Vary 2015 – Czech Films 2014-2015

Schmitke: In the mountains, everything is fine

Karlovy Vary 2015 – Competition

The Red Spider: An atmospheric recreation of communist-era Poland

08 July 2015

Karlovy Vary 2015 – Competition

Home Care: Living and dying simply yet effectively

Karlovy Vary 2015 – East of the West

No Matter How Hard We Tried: A satirical portrait of contemporary Polish society

07 July 2015

Karlovy Vary 2015 – Competition

Box: An intriguing parallelism

Karlovy Vary 2015 – East of the West

Ivy: Exploring the decay of conventions of all kinds

Films – France

Microbe et Gasoil: A fountain of youth for Michel Gondry

06 July 2015

Karlovy Vary 2015 – Competition

The Magic Mountain: An exploration of an exemplary destiny

Karlovy Vary 2015 – East of the West

Journey to Rome: Railway stations of the cross

Karlovy Vary 2015 – Competition

Heil: A different perspective on neo-Nazism

03 July 2015

Festivals – Serbia

Enclave: The challenges of being a Serbian minority in Kosovo

24 June 2015

Films – Bulgaria

Losers: An endearing coming-of-age story, in competition at Moscow

23 June 2015

Films – France

April and the Extraordinary World: a clever, wild and modern adventure

19 June 2015

Films – Poland

15 Corners Of The World: Film for the ears

Taormina 2015

Malaterra: Gigi D’Alessio denounces the contamination of his homeland

Films – United Kingdom

The Duke of Burgundy: The corset and the butterfly

18 June 2015

Taormina 2015

Eva & Leon: The fable of the chance encounter

Brussels Film Festival 2015

Crumbs: Love survives at the end of civilisation

Biografilm 2015

Sugar Blues, sweetness can kill

17 June 2015

Films – Switzerland

Brother’s Body, the cinematographic metamorphosis of an imperfect body

Taormina 2015

Absence: Somewhere between nowhere and oblivion

16 June 2015

Brussels Film Festival 2015

Simshar: The European dream is not only dreamt by Europeans

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