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23 November 2016

Gijón 2016

The Shepherd: The holy innocent

Turin 2016

The Eavesdropper: A political thriller with hints of Kafka

Turin 2016

Children of the Night: Rich descendants with no direction

IDFA 2016

Almost There: A tribute to loneliness

22 November 2016

Turin 2016

Wind: Mina’s summer

Turin 2016

Slam – Tutto per una ragazza: Love, paternity and skateboards

Black Nights 2016 – Panorama

Orphan: A journey through the circles of karma

Black Nights 2016 – First Features Competition

The Traveller: A Lebanese man overwhelmed by Paris

Black Nights 2016 – Competition

Lines: Seven people hit by the Greek crisis

21 November 2016

IDFA 2016

The Girl Down Loch Änzi: A discrete and elegant daydream

18 November 2016

Films – Hungary

Strangled: "It’s a dangerous place"

Zagreb 2016

Goran: A dark comedy about betrayal and vengeance

16 November 2016

Films – United Kingdom/USA

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Let the adventure begin

Black Nights 2016 – Doc@POFF

Diving into the Unknown: A thrilling trip into the abyss

Films – Switzerland

Vape Wave: A disconcerting silent revolution

Black Nights 2016 – Panorama

That Trip We Took with Dad: Diving into subjective history

15 November 2016

Films – Italy

Quel bravo ragazzo: A Voltairian Candide in Sicily

Cottbus 2016

Incarnation: An existentialist thriller in the form of a spectacular video game

Black Nights 2016 – Panorama

We Used to Be Cool: Children, lies and videotape

Arras 2016

Paula: "Like no woman has ever painted before"

14 November 2016

Films – Switzerland

The Field: The courage of a people stripped of their identity

Thessaloniki 2016 – Competition

Park: A harrowing departure from “Weird Wave” mechanisms

Thessaloniki 2016 – Competition

A Decent Woman: The end of the oasis

13 November 2016

Seville 2016

Días color naranja: Surprising diversions

Seville 2016

La película de nuestra vida: Summer hours

10 November 2016

Seville 2016

The Substance: Inside a parallel universe

Arras 2016

Anna's Life: "Don’t you know you can’t do anything without money?"

09 November 2016

Seville 2016

Wrong Elements: The act of remembering

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