9 Fingers (2017)
Tower. A Bright Day (2017)
The Prayer (2018)
Thelma (2017)
Bloody Milk (2017)
The House by the Sea (2017)
The Captain (2017)
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28 February 2017

Berlin 2017 – Forum

Loving Pia: Creating a life's romance

27 February 2017

Berlin 2017 – Panorama Special

When the Day Had No Name: When society fails every test

24 February 2017

Films – Italy

Beata ignoranza: A family reborn from social networks

Films – Portugal

The Forest of the Lost Souls: Sadness will last forever

21 February 2017

Berlin 2017 – Panorama Special

Headbang Lullaby: A captivating portrait of social absurdity

20 February 2017

Films – Italy

Crazy for Football: The craziest championships in the world

Berlin 2017 – Panorama

From the infinitesimal to the immense, as seen From the Balcony

Berlin 2017 – Panorama Special

Hostages: A breathtaking blend of thriller and social commentary

Berlin 2017 – Panorama

1945: Getting to grips with the ghosts of the past

Berlin 2017 – Forum

Foreign Body: A mesmerising immigration story

18 February 2017

Berlin 2017 – Generation

Little Harbour: Setting sail for a new world

Berlin 2017 – Berlinale Special

Maudie: Life in colour with Hawkins and Hawke

Berlin 2017 – Panorama Special

The King's Choice: The story of the monarch who called Hitler’s bluff

Berlin 2017 – Panorama Dokumente

Belinda: A tale of love and roaming

17 February 2017

Berlin 2017 – Competition

Ana, mon amour: You do me good, you kill me…

Berlin 2017 – Out of competition

The Midwife: An unlikely crowd-pleaser

Berlin 2017 – Out of Competition

The Bar: The accursed eight

Berlin 2017 – Competition

Joaquim: The birth of a Brazilian hero

Berlin 2017 – Berlinale Special

A Prominent Patient: A Masaryk biopic that takes too many liberties

Berlin 2017 – Generation

Summer 1993: A lump in the back of the throat

Berlin 2017 – Forum – Bergamo 2018

City of the Sun: Human spirit persisting in a deserted, post-industrial town

16 February 2017

Berlin 2017 – Competition

Colo: When family ties become shackles

Films – Belgium

Angel: A dreamlike fairy tale for adults

Berlin 2017 – Competition

Return to Montauk: An embarrassment of words

Berlin 2017 – Panorama Special

Skins: Ana, Candela, Jon and other monsters like mom

Berlin 2017 – Competition

Beuys: A celebratory tribute to a celebrated artist

15 February 2017

Berlin 2017 – Forum

Strange Birds: An unlikely couple in a peculiar world

Berlin 2017 – Berlinale Special Presentation

Last Days in Havana: Sunshine and shadows in Cuba

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