Angel (2017)
The Divine Order by Petra Volpe
La tenerezza (2017)
Lady Macbeth (2016)
Heal the Living (2016)
Suntan (2016)
Albüm (2016)
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27 March 2017

Sofia 2017

Gogita's New Life: An impatient search for a home and a wife

24 March 2017

Malaga 2017

Brava: Running into darkness

Films – Poland

Amok: Fame at the cost of your life

23 March 2017

Films – Italy

No Country for the Young: Finding and losing yourself in Cuba

22 March 2017

Malaga 2017

La niebla y la doncella: A nebulous island mystery

Malaga 2017

Can't Say Goodbye: A journey to nowhere

21 March 2017

Films – Italy

The Duce's Boxer: The black champion that Mussolini erased from history

Malaga 2017

Selfie: A portrait of a happy, brainless world

Sofia 2017

Land of the Gods: A universal story highlighting that some things never change

20 March 2017

Bergamo 2017

Alba, adolescence conquered by pain

17 March 2017

Sofia 2017

Light Thereafter: A universal love letter to art

16 March 2017

Films – Spain

Uncertain Glory: Passion on the path of war

14 March 2017

Punto de Vista 2017

The Second Night: An ode to a mother

10 March 2017

Films – Italy

Questione di Karma, the strange duo of Fabio De Luigi and Elio Germano

09 March 2017

Punto de Vista 2017

Converso: An incredulous gaze

Films – Italy

There is a Light: The dreams you’re not brave enough to dream

07 March 2017

Films – Italy

Mare Nostro: The age-old relationship of the community with the sea

06 March 2017

Films – Italy

The Nature of Things: Love, pain and the need for freedom

03 March 2017

Films – Hungary

Loop: "You’re dead! What are you doing here?"

02 March 2017

Films – Italy

Omicidio all’italiana: An off-the-wall comedy, but not really

01 March 2017

Films – Italy

Rosso Istanbul: Ferzan Ozpetek returns to Turkey

28 February 2017

Berlin 2017 – Forum

Loving Pia: Creating a life's romance

27 February 2017

Berlin 2017 – Panorama Special

When the Day Had No Name: When society fails every test

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