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The Prayer (2018)
Kissing Candice (2017)
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Gaspard at the Wedding (2018)
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27 June 2017

Moscow 2017

Star Boys: When life forces you to come back down to Earth

21 June 2017

Films – France/Belgium

K.O.: "I don’t want you to explode mid-flight"

Biografilm 2017

Stranger in Paradise: A blunt and honest look at Europe and refugees

15 June 2017

Films – Spain

Júlia ist: A return ticket

14 June 2017

Biografilm 2017

To Be and To Last: Parkour seen through a mother’s eyes

12 June 2017

Transilvania 2017 – Romanian Days

Planet Petrila: Fighting for the cultural heritage of Romania’s oldest mine

Transilvania 2017

Ghost Hunting: Wounds that won’t heal

09 June 2017

Transilvania 2017 – Romanian Days

Prowl: Feminist cinema comes to Romania

Transilvania 2017 – Competition

Chrysanthemums Time: Wandering aimlessly

Transilvania 2017 – Competition

God's Own Country: Falling in love is never easy

Transilvania 2017

The History of Love: One more time with feeling

08 June 2017

Transilvania 2017 – Competition

Dolphins Go East: You only get one father

07 June 2017

Transilvania 2017

The Fabulous Patars: An ode to family and individuality

Transilvania 2017 – Competition

The One-Eyed King: A multi-layered political black comedy

06 June 2017

Transilvania 2017 – Competition

FILM FOCUS: Playground

Transilvania 2017

Tom of Finland: Fighting for freedom one touch at a time

01 June 2017

Cannes 2017 – Out of competition

Based on a True Story: Polanski based on a novel

31 May 2017

Films – Poland

Knives Out: A party submerged in a toxic mixture of alcohol and nationalism

28 May 2017

Cannes 2017 – Directors’ Fortnight

I Am Not a Witch: The ordeal of a young African girl set against the tone of satire

27 May 2017

Cannes 2017 – Un Certain Regard

Directions: A country in need of a new, functioning heart

Cannes 2017 – Cinéma de la plage

Djam: Freedom as a woman

Cannes 2017 – Competition

You Were Never Really Here: The shattered mirrors of angels

26 May 2017

Cannes 2017 – Competition

The Double Lover: The devil in the belly

Cannes 2017 – Competition

In the Fade: "Do you want to know who killed your family?"

Cannes 2017 – Directors’ Fortnight

The Nothing Factory: A melding of class struggle and musical comedy

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