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12 October 2017

Films – Italy

Nine 1/2 Moons: Two sisters and the many ways to be a family

Sitges 2017

Muse: Those damned inspirational goddesses!

London 2017

Going West: Let others in, and let your true self out

IndieCork 2017

Blue Dawn: An ode to love and family

11 October 2017

Sitges 2017

Most Beautiful Island: The contrasts of New York

Films – Bulgaria/Poland/Turkey

Radiogram: A story about power, discrimination and music

10 October 2017

London 2017

A Moment in the Reeds: A shared youth

09 October 2017

London 2017

The Breadwinner: Girl becomes boy in a fight for survival

Zurich 2017

I Am Gentrification. Confessions of a Scoundrel: Analysis of a collective psychosis

Zurich 2017

Impreza - Das Fest: The perilously banal advancement of the intransigent right

06 October 2017

Namur 2017

The Faithful Son: Fragile marginality

London 2017

Journey’s End: An unsent letter from the front

Zurich 2017

Fell in Love with a Girl: The frank portrait of a developing family unit

London 2017

Ghost Stories: A sceptical spectacle

05 October 2017

Namur 2017

The Benefit of the Doubt, when uncertainty creeps in

Films – Poland

Loving Vincent: Citizen van Gogh

04 October 2017

San Sebastián 2017 – Zabaltegi-Tabakalera

Saura(s): The elusive master

Namur 2017

Stand-Up Girl!: Nawell Madani, it’s all her

03 October 2017

Zurich 2017

Daphne: The lively portrait of a modern heroine

Zurich 2017

The Wife: The noble woman behind the Nobel-winning author

San Sebastián 2017 – Horizontes Latinos

Los perros: Poor little rich girl

02 October 2017

Film – Italy

Ferrante Fever: In search of the secret behind the “faceless writer”

Films – Portugal

Al Berto: Liberty, there for the taking

30 September 2017

San Sebastián 2017 – Competition

Beyond Words: The limitations of language

San Sebastián 2017 – Competition

The Lion Sleeps Tonight: Cinema’s (friendly) ghosts

29 September 2017

San Sebastián 2017 – New Directors – Bergamo 2018

The Sower: The much-desired man

San Sebastián 2017 – New Directors

Ravens: When brown turns to red

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