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4285 news (production / funding) available in total starting from 20/05/2002. Last updated on 17/04/2015. 435 news (production / funding) inserted in the last 12 months.

16 April 2015

Production – Belgium

Christophe Van Rompaey and Alexandra Lamy shooting Vincent en het einde van de wereld

Production – Germany

Chris Kraus shooting Die Blumen von gestern

15 April 2015

Productions – Belgium

First week of filming for My First Highway by Kevin Meul

Production – France

The cameras are rolling for Le secret des banquises

13 April 2015

Production – Finland

Angry Birds are expensive ones, too: €75 million for the 3D animated movie

Production – France

Olivier Lorelle shooting Ciel rouge in Vietnam

Production – Portugal

The ICA supports new films by Vasconcelos and Pêra

10 April 2015

Production – Belgium

Stijn Coninx dives into the legend of Saint Nicholas with Ay Ramon !

Production – France/Portugal

A positive progress report for the Franco-Portuguese co-production support fund

09 April 2015

Production – Spain

Bárbara Lennie to star in Nely Reguera’s feature debut

Production – Portugal

Primeira Idade: Producing in creative harmony

08 April 2015

Production – Denmark

The polarisation of Danish films: huge budgets or extremely low costs

Funding – Germany

The FFHSH set to invest more than €5 million in 24 projects

07 April 2015

Production – Sweden/UK/Ireland

Persbrandt to play UN Secretary-General in war thriller Jadotville

Funding – Belgium

The VAF supports the production of Michaël Roskam’s next film, Le Fidèle

Production – France

Thomas Vincent shooting La nouvelle vie de Paul Sneijder

02 April 2015

Production – Belgium

Achter de Wolken: Cecilia Verheyden’s ode to a last love

Production – France

Les naufragés: Auteuil and Stocker marooned on a desert island

Production – Hungary

Popfilm pins its hopes on The Citizen and The Wednesday Child

01 April 2015

Production – France

Dominik Moll shooting News from Planet Mars

Production – Germany

Alone in Berlin tackles love, anger, grief and hope in times of resistance

31 March 2015

Production – France

The Film is shooting Rosalie Blum

Production – Slovakia

New Slovakian film projects simmering away

30 March 2015

Funding – Netherlands

19 projects supported by the Netherlands Film Production Incentive

Production – Italy

Tornatore gets started on the set of La corrispondenza

Production – Norway

From Out of Nature to a year on his own balcony

27 March 2015

Production – France/Egypt

Mohamed Diab’s Clash: A joint French-Egyptian effort

Bridging the Dragon

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