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612 news (box office) available in total starting from 08/09/2003. Last updated on 19/05/2016. 66 news (box office) inserted in the last 12 months.

26 April 2016

Box office – Finland

After Tale of a Lake, Marko Röhr is preparing Tale of a Lapland Mountain

21 April 2016

Box office – France

The phenomenon that is Merci patron!

11 April 2016

Box office – Netherlands

Family Weekend becomes a “Golden Film”

07 April 2016

Box Office – Italy

Admissions up by 24% in the first quarter of 2016 in Italian cinemas

21 March 2016

Box Office – UK

UK made films gross $9.4 billion worldwide

08 March 2016

Box office – Denmark

A Conspiracy of Faith breaks all-time Danish opening records

02 March 2016

Box office – France

Comedy reigns in French movie theatres

22 February 2016

Box office – Belgium

Attendance levels in Belgian cinemas on the rise in 2015

11 February 2016

Box office – Germany

Last year saw the best German market share of all time

10 February 2016

Box office – France

A stunning start for The Tuche – The American Dream

03 February 2016

Box office – Estonia

Estonian cinema has a record-breaking year in 2015

Box office – Romania

2015: 11 million admissions in Romanian cinemas

01 February 2016

Box office – Denmark

After a record year, Danish cinemas are expecting even better results in 2016

26 January 2016

Box office – Czech Republic

Czech box-office figures hit a five-year high

25 January 2016

Box office – Sweden

Two films saved the local market share in Sweden’s cinemas

22 January 2016

Box office – Poland

Record attendance levels for Poland in 2015

21 January 2016

Box office – Belgium

Highest admissions record of all time for Flemish films in 2015

Box office – Switzerland

Heidi, a Swiss film that has so far enjoyed dazzling success

20 January 2016

Box office – Italy

Admissions and takings grew in 2015, but not the Italian share of the market

18 January 2016

Box office – Finland

A record year for Finnish cinemas: 2.56 million admissions for local films

14 January 2016

Box office – Italy

A record for Checco Zalone with takings of over €52 million

13 January 2016

Box office – Denmark

A record year for Denmark’s cinemas


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