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La vida inesperada (2014)
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An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker (2013)
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499 news (box office) available in total starting from 08/09/2003. Last updated on 23/04/2014. 61 news (box office) inserted in the last 12 months.

22 April 2014

Box office – Spain

Ocho apellidos vascos is the most seen Spanish film in history

07 April 2014

Box office – France

Upward trend confirmed for movie-theatre admissions

04 April 2014

Box office – France

Superchondriac is leader of quite the varied pack

Box office – Spain

Nueve apellidos catalanes to follow in the wake of Ocho apellidos vascos

Box office – Norway

It’s the children’s fault: 2014 cinema attendance up 14.1%

03 April 2014

Box office – Luxembourg

Local WWII tale Heemwéi a hit in Luxembourg

Box office – Romania

First-quarter takings rose by 28% in Romania

17 March 2014

Box office – Italy

Fasten Your Seatbelts first weekend with audiences

Box office – Spain

Spain has its own Welcome to the Sticks

10 March 2014

Box office – France

French cinema admissions bounce back

07 March 2014

Box Office – Bulgaria

Annual box-office takings rose by 16.6% in Bulgaria in 2013

04 March 2014

Box Office – Italy

Notorious Pictures top of the box office charts with The Beauty and the Beast

Box Office – France

Superchondriac gets off to a flying start

28 February 2014

Box Office – Belgium

Belgium saw a serious fall in attendance in 2013

24 February 2014

Box office – Slovakia

2013 a good year for Slovak exhibitors and filmmakers

21 February 2014

Box office – Netherlands

Tuscan Wedding tops the Dutch charts

Box Office – Czech Republic

Domestic Czech films accounted for half of the country’s top ten movies in 2013

Box Office – Hungary

What Ever Happened to Timi steals the limelight

20 February 2014

Box Office – Lithuania

Domestic market share for Lithuanian films sees significant growth

18 February 2014

Box Office – Bulgaria

Bulgarian domestic earnings dropped by 85.6% in 2013

Box office – Spain

The Goya effect gives Life Is Easy With Eyes Closed a new lease on life

17 February 2014

Box Office – Italy

Sotto una buona stella this weekend’s most popular film

14 February 2014

Box Office – Belgium

Scouting for Zebras an instant hit

Box office – Germany

High market share for national films in Germany

10 February 2014

Box Office – Spain

Spanish box-office loses almost half of its audience over nine years

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