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554 news (box office) available in total starting from 08/09/2003. Last updated on 07/07/2015. 48 news (box office) inserted in the last 12 months.

07 July 2015

Box office – Norway

Admissions up overall, but down for local films in Norway

06 July 2015

Box office – France

100.79 million admissions in the first half of the year in France

Box office – Denmark

Ticket sales up 20%, and local market share 34.9% in Denmark

02 July 2015

Box office – Italy

Box office sales up 9.4% in the first half of the year

Box office – Netherlands

Rendez-Vous with over 100,000 viewers

19 June 2015

Box Office – Hungary

A successful take-off for Son of Saul

29 May 2015

Box office – Estonia

Estonia celebrates its highest number of cinema visitors since regaining independence

26 May 2015

Box Office – Italy

Youth is number one in Italy with €2.6 million

05 May 2015

Box Office – Europe

European films reach their highest market share, driving growth at the EU box office

27 April 2015

Box office – Italy

Mia madre in third place after Avengers and The Age of Adaline

01 April 2015

Box office – Finland

Finnish films reach one million admissions in three months

17 March 2015

Box office – Romania

Aferim! has best debut in 13 years

09 March 2015

Box office – France

French movie theatres see a very strong start to the year

05 March 2015

Box office – Finland

The Reunion sets a new record by enticing 150,000 Finns in seven days

Box office – Czech Republic

Domestic musical fairy tale trounces US imports in Czech theatres

27 February 2015

Box Office – Netherlands

The epic film Admiral exceeds 400 thousand viewers

18 February 2015

Box office – Slovakia

2014 shakes up the historic chart of the most-seen local films in Slovakia

05 February 2015

Box office – Sweden

The 100-Year-Old Man made all the difference

04 February 2015

Box Office – Netherlands

Admiral is a “golden film”

02 February 2015

Box office – Czech Republic/Slovakia

Domestic releases boost admissions in Czech and Slovakian cinemas

Box office – Italy

Capatonda booming: 2 M€ last weekend, best per copy average

23 January 2015

Box office – Denmark

Five local films among the 2014 ten top grossers in Denmark

20 January 2015

Box office – Israel

A glowing 2014 for the Israeli film industry

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