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506 news (institutions / legislation) available in total starting from 29/04/2003. Last updated on 01/02/2016. 23 news (institutions / legislation) inserted in the last 12 months.

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29 January 2016

Legislation – Italy

The Italian government approves the new Film Law

28 January 2016

Legislation – Romania

New cinema law: What Romanian filmmakers want

19 January 2016

Institutions – Romania

Romanian Ministry of Culture to reorganise National Film Center and implement new cinema law

07 January 2016

Institutions – UK

Warner Bros. President Josh Berger to take over as BFI Chair

07 December 2015

Institutions – Romania/Moldova

Moldova nears the foundation of a National Film Center

04 December 2015

Institutions – Luxembourg

Film Fund Luxembourg turns 25 and looks to the future

06 October 2015

Institutions – Belgium

The Film Centre beefs up its promotional strategy for Belgian French-language films in Belgium

23 September 2015

Legislation – Italy

Appeal by 40 directors to the government for a reform based on the French model

17 May 2015

Institutions – Baltic countries

Baltic film institutions sign a mutual cooperation agreement

30 April 2015

Institutions – Belgium

Change of presidency at the UPFF: Jean-Yves Roubin and Joseph Rouschop take over from Patrick Quinet

29 April 2015

Institutions – Belgium

The VAF’s assessment of 2014 says attendance levels are on the rise for Flemish films

27 April 2015

Institutions – UK

Deborah Williams to be BFI Diversity Manager

23 April 2015

Institutions – UK

BAFTA LA promotes Matthew Wiseman to COO

20 April 2015

Training – Germany/France

The Atelier Network turns ten

14 April 2015

Institutions – Europe

Next meeting of the CULT committee set for 16 April

07 April 2015

Institutions – Spain

Antonio Resines confirmed as president of the Spanish Film Academy

25 March 2015

Institutions – Belgium

CCA: first review for Joëlle Milquet

18 March 2015

Legislation – Europe

There is no need to change the current EU copyright framework, says EFADs

11 March 2015

Legislation – Europe

Copyright and the single market: Brussels wants reform

20 February 2015

Institutions – Spain

Enrique González Macho bids farewell to the Spanish Film Academy

Institutions – Greece

Greek Film Center acquires new leadership

18 February 2015

Institutions – Greece

Greek Film Center in administrative turmoil

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