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2257 news (industry / market) available in total starting from 12/09/2003. Last updated on 06/10/2015. 360 news (industry / market) inserted in the last 12 months.

05 October 2015

Industry – France

French movie theatres through the X-ray

Industry – UK

Stephen Fingleton is the next Brit to Watch

01 October 2015

Industry – France

A new lease of life for the cinema tax credit

30 September 2015

Industry – France

Back to the future: Canal+ and Mars Films join forces through StudioCanal

29 September 2015

Holland Film Meeting 2015

Audiences across borders at the HFM

Holland Film Meeting 2015

HFM Work-in-Progress titles receive feedback and finishing support

28 September 2015

Holland Film Meeting 2015

The 17th HFM Co-Production Platform wraps

Sales – France

Versatile hits the jackpot with Sparrows

Holland Film Meeting 2015

Co-Production Platform: Dutch projects take the floor

Industry – Finland

Authentic stories about real people at the Finnish Film Affair

25 September 2015

Holland Film Meeting 2015

Fourteen European projects try their luck at the HFM 2015 Co-Production Platform

Industry – Finland

Getting It Made for the US Market

Industry – France

Wild Bunch is building the future

San Sebastián 2015 – Industry

Two French co-productions emerge triumphant at San Sebastián's industry awards

24 September 2015

Sales – UK/Netherlands

Starline boards Little Angels

23 September 2015

Industry – Italy

When East Meets West opens call for entries for the WEMW Co-production Forum and First Cut Lab

San Sebastián 2015 – Industry

16 Latin American projects in search of co-producers

22 September 2015

Sales – France

Alpha Violet banking on Thirst

Holland Film Meeting 2015

Countdown to the Holland Film Meeting

21 September 2015

Market – Poland

The CentEast Market reveals a new slate of works in progress

San Sebastián 2015 – Industry

FAPAE delighted with the strong presence of Spanish films at San Sebastián

17 September 2015

Industry – Italy

A year of government commitment to Italian film

Toronto 2015 – Market

The Wait sold in 15 territories

Industry – Lithuania/Poland

Lithuanian and Polish film professionals promote cooperation in an unconventional way

16 September 2015

Industry – Finland

Finnish Film Affair aims to strengthen local talent

Sales – UK

Starline turns on Radiator

Berlinale Co-Pro

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