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2612 news (industry / market) available in total starting from 12/09/2003. Last updated on 24/08/2016. 401 news (industry / market) inserted in the last 12 months.

24 August 2016

Sarajevo 2016 – Industry

Yoana Pavlova explores a Binary New World

Industry – Europe/Canada/Australia/New Zealand

Producers Lab Toronto: participants for 2016 unveiled

23 August 2016

Sarajevo 2016 – Industry

CineLink Drama holds its first edition

San Sebastián 2016 – Industry

Six films to be presented in San Sebastián’s Films in Progress 30

22 August 2016

Sarajevo 2016 – Industry

Simon Wilkinson delves into virtual-reality storytelling

Industry – Netherlands

BoostNL selects 14 projects

Sales – Netherlands/UK/Asia

Fortissimo enters into voluntary bankruptcy

19 August 2016

Sarajevo 2016 – Industry

CineLink’s Docu Rough Cut Boutique comes to a close

Sarajevo 2016 – Industry

Dealing with the Past through CineLink's True Stories Market

17 August 2016

Industry – UK

Industry veterans build House

12 August 2016

Industry – Albania

ALBAScript, a promising development for the future of the Albanian film industry

09 August 2016

Locarno 2016 – Industry

Locarno hands out the First Look and Open Doors Hub awards

San Sebastián 2016 – Industry

17 projects to be presented at San Sebastián's V Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum

08 August 2016

Sarajevo 2016 – Industry

Czech Republic and Slovakia are this year's CineLink Partner Countries

Sarajevo 2016 – Industry

Ten projects selected for the Sarajevo Work in Progress sessions

01 August 2016

Venice 2016 – Market

The Venice Gap-Financing Market presents its selection of projects

29 July 2016

Industry – France/Italy

The transfer of Premium: Mediaset and Vivendi break up

28 July 2016

Industry – UK

Pinewood agrees takeover offer with Venus Grafton

26 July 2016

Industry – Portugal

Call for projects for the second edition of Arché

22 July 2016

Industry – Albania

ALBAScript announces selected screenplays

Industry – Europe

Creative Europe Guarantee Facility: the selection of financial intermediaries begins

20 July 2016

Venice 2016

Venice Days and Bridging the Dragon for the China Film Forum at Venice

19 July 2016

Industry – Italy

Pitch2Drink: producers and screenwriters meet the AGPCI

Industry – Europe

MEPs would like to see a coherent policy for cultural industries

15 July 2016

Market – Italy

Vico launches the Young Film Market, an independent European market

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