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20 February 2017

Berlin 2017 – Market/Germany

Golden and Silver Bear winners get German distribution

16 February 2017

Berlin 2017 – Industry

Bridging the Dragon and EFM's 3rd Sino-European Production Seminar a great success

15 February 2017

Berlin 2017 – Market/France

French firms’ sales and other announcements at the EFM: a barometer check

14 February 2017

Berlin 2017 – Market/France

KinoElektron at the Co-Production Market with Lost Country

Berlin 2017 – Market/Awards

Three prizes and 1,200 meetings at the Berlinale Co-Production Market

13 February 2017

Industry – Belgium

Umedia buys out and absorbs Be-FILMS

Berlin 2017 – Market/Norway

Joachim Trier’s Thelma selling well at the EFM

12 February 2017

Berlin 2017 – Market/Denmark

Lars von Trier a bestseller at the EFM for TrustNordisk

11 February 2017

Berlin 2017 – Market/Germany

Wolf pounces on the Berlinale

Berlin 2017 – Market/Nordic countries

SF Studios takes Norway’s current bestseller to the EFM

10 February 2017

Berlin 2017 – Market/Poland

New Europe Film Sales takes Summer 1993 to Berlin

Berlin 2017 – Market/France

Celluloid Dreams claws its way to the EFM

Berlin 2017 – Market/Denmark

Denmark’s LevelK goes to Berlin with three films in the official selection

09 February 2017

Berlin 2017 – Market/Lithuania

Lithuania goes to Berlin

Berlin 2017 – Market/Spain

Latido Films heads to the beating heart of the European Film Market

Berlin 2017 – Market/France

French sales agents boast five contenders for the Golden Bear

Berlin 2017 – Market/Nordic countries

TrustNordisk goes to the EFM with a disaster that might happen

Berlin 2017 – Market/Germany

Beta Cinema shows off its wares at Berlin

Berlin 2017 – Market/France

Jour2Fête joins the big league

08 February 2017

Berlin 2017 – Market/Ireland

Ireland set to make Berlinale splash

Berlin 2017 – Market/France

Kinology on the starting blocks at the EFM

Berlin 2017 – Market/Germany

The Match Factory heads to Berlin with a refugee, revenge and a funeral

07 February 2017

Berlin 2017 – Market/UK

Protagonist teams with MK2 on Pawel Pawlikowski’s Cold War

Berlin 2017 – Market/Germany

Picture Tree International all set for the EFM

Berlin 2017 – Market/UK

Phoenix rises with Stanley, a Man of Variety

Industry – Italy

A Europe-Far East market is born at the Far East Film Festival in Udine

Berlin 2017 – Market/France

A five-star line-up for Memento

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