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05 February 2016

Exhibitors – Romania

Romanian Ministry of Culture to reorganise state-owned cinema network

03 February 2016

Distribution – Europe

Scope100 winners picked by audiences

Releases – Belgium

Le Chant des Hommes : Speak for the voiceless

28 January 2016

Releases – Italy

L’abbiamo fatta grossa: an exceptional comic duo against a noir backdrop

27 January 2016

Releases – Belgium

The White Knights tops the bill in Belgium

25 January 2016

Releases – Italy

Urge: Alessandro Bergonzoni in movie theatres with EXIT Med!a

Distribution – Italy

Rete degli Spettatori, a second chance for good-quality films

22 January 2016

Releases – Italy

The Colour of Grass, a film to watch with your eyes closed

Releases – Italy

Ridendo e scherzando: Scola remembered in the movie theatres

Releases – Romania

20 domestic releases expected in Romanian cinemas this year

21 January 2016

Releases – Italy

The Pills - Sempre meglio che lavorare: 3 eternal teenagers' leap from the internet to film

13 January 2016

Releases – Belgium

Welcome Home and Problemski Hotel: A great escape and a modern-day fable on migrants

12 January 2016

Releases – Italy

Love, magic and technology in The Correspondence by Giuseppe Tornatore

23 December 2015

Releases – Portugal

Amor Impossível released on Christmas Eve

17 December 2015

Distribution – Norway

Hevn (Revenge) on VoD after just six weeks

16 December 2015

Releases – Italy

Natale col boss: Italian Christmas blockbusters swing into action

Distribution – France

1,093 screens: A record release in France for The Force Awakens

10 December 2015

Releases – Italy

Leone nel basilico, Ida di Benedetto, a natural grandmother

09 December 2015

Releases – Belgium

Studio 100 delivers its traditional end-of-year film: Mega Mindy versus Rox

Releases – France

Un + Une: A blinding comeback for Claude Lelouch

04 December 2015

Exhibitors – Romania

Filmmakers protest against the closure of cinemas in Bucharest

30 November 2015

Distribution – Europe

NonStop and Submarine open documentary-centric label

27 November 2015

Distribution – Nordic countries

Edge takes Stockholm’s Mediterranea and another six festival entries

Releases – Portugal

A fresh instalment in the “Trilogy of the New Classics” hits screens in Portugal

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