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09 September 2017

Venice 2017 – Giornate degli Autori

Candelaria: Two pensioners, a video camera and an indecent proposal

Venice 2017 – Awards

Ex Libris wins Venice's FIPRESCI Award

Venice 2017 – Competition

Custody: Sleepovers with the enemy

Venice 2017 – Giornate degli Autori/Awards

Candelaria comes out on top in the Giornate degli Autori

Venice 2017 – Giornate degli Autori

Life Guidance: A man breaks free from the clutches of idyllic capitalism

08 September 2017

Venice 2017 – Orizzonti

Krieg: The consequences of war

Venice 2017 – Orizzonti

Ugly Nasty People: A politically incorrect black comedy

Venice 2017 – Market

Venice Production Bridge: Connecting producers and partners

Venice 2017 – Competition

Hannah, life as a beached whale

Toronto 2017 – Wavelengths

Cocote: Dionysian anthropology

San Sebastián 2017 – Juries

John Malkovich to chair the San Sebastián jury

Venice 2017 – Out of Competition

Silvio Soldini reveals Emma

Toronto 2017 – Special Presentations

Catch the Wind: "I have decided"

Venice 2017 – Out of competition

Racer and the Jailbird, Belgium noir

Venice 2017 – Competition

Mektoub, My Love: Canto Uno, dreaming on your own

Oscars 2018 – Estonia

Estonia selects November for the Oscars

Venice 2017 – Competition

Angels Wear White: Female trouble

Toronto 2017 – Opening

Borg/McEnroe: Enhancing the legend

07 September 2017

Venice 2017 – Industry

Exploring the potential of VR for the audiovisual industry at Venice

Awards – Europe

The FIPRESCI Grand Prix 2017 goes to The Other Side of Hope

Oscars 2018 – Spain

Summer 1993 attempts to win over Hollywood, too

Venice 2017 – Orizzonti

The Testament: In search of the absolute truth

Oscars 2018 – Romania

Adrian Sitaru’s The Fixer is the Romanian Oscar candidate

Venice 2017 – Giornate degli Autori

Equilibrium: Beyond fear

Venice 2017 – Competition

Love and Bullets: You only live twice in Naples

Venice 2017 – Out of competition

Loving Pablo: Or are we?

06 September 2017

Legislation – Europe

EFADs call for a new, improved copyright framework

Venice 2017 – Competition

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri: Advertising murder and mayhem

Market – France

Films Distribution at Toronto with five films

Oscars 2018 – Norway

Thelma and her supernatural powers put forward for the Oscars

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