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30 November 2017

Films – Italy

I Can Quit Whenever I Want 3: Ad Honorem: The final episode in a hit saga

Torino 2017

Riccardo va all'inferno sets the scene for the Grand Guignol of power

Black Nights 2017 – First Features Competition

The Faithful Son: Fragile marginality

Black Nights 2017 – First Features Competition

Sunbeat: No more secrets

Funding – France

Arte France Cinéma backs Le Daim by Quentin Dupieux

Production – Czech Republic/Netherlands/Latvia

Czech director Michal Hogenauer readying his debut feature, Outside

Events – Romania/Europe

Jean-Christophe Simon is the new president of the Europa International board

Black Nights 2017 – First Features Competition

The Marriage: Forbidden love in a contradictory society

29 November 2017

Torino 2017

Lorello and Brunello: Challenging globalisation

Industry – Italy

The 3rd edition of Milano Industry Days set to go ahead

Black Nights 2017 – First Features Competition

Different Kinds of Rain: A (locked) room of one’s own

Production – France

Sébastien Betbeder preparing Ulysse et Mona

Events – Lithuania

Developing Your Film Festival has a new venue

28 November 2017

Festivals – Italy

Milan's Filmmaker International Film Festival to welcome research cinema

Exhibitors – Romania/Europe

The 20th Europa Cinemas conference identifies exhibition successes and challenges

Awards – USA/Europe

Call Me by Your Name triumphs at the Gotham Awards

Black Nights 2017 – Competition

Something Useful: Appearances can be deceptive

Production – Germany

Detlev Buck gets out into the country with Wuff - Folge dem Hund, now in post-production

Funding – France

The Gan Foundation backs Les Particules

Torino 2017

Little Tito and the Aliens: Paola Randi’s extra-terrestrial fairy tale

Black Nights 2017 – First Features Competition

Resurrection: A contemplative story of killing and loss

Les Arcs 2017 – Industry

Fifteen titles for Les Arcs’ Work-in-Progress

IDFA 2017

The Distant Barking of Dogs: Childhood in a war zone

Funding – Germany

The Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein grants €3.5 million in support

27 November 2017

Exhibitors – Europe

Europa Cinemas gives an award to Lionello Cerri

Black Nights 2017 – Competition

Vacuum: HIV in the home

Black Nights 2017 – Competition

The mysterious man who lived La vida lliure

Funding – France

Ile-de-France throws its weight behind Jeanne Herry’s Les Champs de fleurs

Black Nights 2017 – First Features Competition – Bergamo 2018

Secret Ingredient: Healer on the run

Torino 2017 – Industry

Carlo Sironi and Franco Lolli are among the winners of TorinoFilmLab's awards

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