Mia Madre (2015)
Dheepan (2015)
Son of Saul (2015)
The Lobster (2015)
The Measure of a Man (2015)
Louder Than Bombs (2015)
Youth (2015)
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26 May 2015

Festivals – Croatia

Zagreb Film Festival opens call for submissions

Festivals – Belgium

The Brussels Film Festival unveils its programme

Cannes 2015 – Distribution/France

Four aces for Ad Vitam

Festivals – France/USA

US in Progress Paris: European cinema lends a helping hand to US indies

Awards – Ireland

Song of the Sea wins Best Film at IFTAs

Box Office – Italy

Youth is number one in Italy with €2.6 million

Cannes 2015 – Market/Ireland/UK/US/Canada

FilmNation sells plenty of Room across the world

Industry – Estonia

Estonian National Film Producers Union (ERPÜ) joins FIAPF

Cannes 2015 – Market/Denmark

Ohlin’s Walk with Me walked all the way to France with KMBO

Cannes 2015 – Un Certain Regard

I Am A Soldier: It’s a dog’s life for Louise Bourgoin

Festivals – Romania

TIFF 2015 celebrates Norwegian cinema

24 May 2015

Cannes 2015 – Awards/France

French cinema rockets to the top spot on the Croisette

Cannes 2015 – Awards

Jacques Audiard: "What I’m interested in is the other, the perspective of the other"

Cannes 2015 – Midnight Screening

Love: Between the love of filmmaking and making love

Cannes 2015 – Awards

The Palme d’Or for Jacques Audiard and the Grand Prix for Son of Saul

Cannes 2015 – Directors’ Fortnight

Arabian Nights, Volume 3: The Enchanted One: Scheherazade and the chaffinch keepers

Cannes 2015 – Competition

Macbeth the barbarian

Cannes 2015 – Un Certain Regard

India and France walk hand in hand on the Croisette

23 May 2015

Cannes 2015 – Un Certain Regard/Awards

Un Certain Regard crowns Rams

Cannes 2015 – Awards

The Fipresci Prize goes to Son of Saul

Cannes 2015 – Closing

Ice and the Sky for a 2015 edition that has given off an array of messages

Cannes 2015 – Directors' Fortnight

The Here After: Once a pariah, always a pariah

Cannes 2015 – Market/Nordic countries

Nordic Genre Invasion conquers Cannes – and the world is next

Industry – Europe

The national film agencies stand together

Cannes 2015 – Funding/Europe

European Audiovisual Observatory: The creative industry has great potential

22 May 2015

Cannes 2015 – Directors' Fortnight/Awards

Europa Cinemas Label for Mustang in the Directors' Fortnight

Cannes 2015 – Market/France

Films Distribution is on cloud nine with Son of Saul

Cannes 2015 – Critics’ Week

Mediterranea, there are people behind the “migratory flows”

Cannes 2015 – Competition

Valley of Love: The Ghostway

Cannes 2015 – Directors’ Fortnight

Much Loved: The sorrow of Marrakesh’s pleasure girls


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